What a day!

Yesterday I had the rarest of days and went for a girly lunch on my birthday at my parent’s house and it was a real super sized tonic.  As I wasn’t sure until the day whether I would be well enough, the lunch was organised with 5 seconds notice by my BF Jenny and included relatives some of which were so rare only a few sightings or news had been received from them until recently.  So it came to pass that a whole bunch of them who don’t normally feed in public together turned up and were without exception, mad as badgers.  After a few “you look better than I thought” rituals and the passing of cards bearing giraffe motives, I took a few moments out for a quick radio interview with BBC Oxford who wanted an update on the growth of a giraffe out of my roof. Then it was down to a lunch fit for a forever changing her mind cancer diva!

Jenny, I have decided is the type of person who is impossible not to love and I am sure everyone who meets her must fall under her spell and agree to anything she says.  Yesterday, she pulled together the most delicious of meals with more ease than I could display un-wrapping a supermarket sandwich, but I swear she could even feed a puppy into a blender, garnish with a sprig of parsley and ask everyone if they want seconds and we would still say “Oh yes please, she’s such a nice person you know”.

The day went so well, I didn’t even notice myself slipping down the hill of the 40’s mountain and into the next survey bracket. So…. if you want to sit and laugh for hours and forget the existence of sickness, time and space then my cousins are your man.  If, however you prefer to discuss the state of your latest tax return or your bunions, then please go and live in a different universe!

click here for the BBC OXFORD interview


Onwards and 40ft upwards

So… on with challenge 2 and we’re getting a feeling it’s not going to be as simple as it first seemed!

A search for “architects with experience building 40ft giraffes on residential properties” returned zero results in Google.

And they say you can find just about anything online?

I remember when I was young, for my homework I did a cross section drawing of a giraffe lowering it’s head to drink water, showing the leg bones squeezing the main neck artery from the heart. I wrote that if it didn’t reduce the pressure from the heart to the head, it would blow off.

The head that is.

I still have no idea how it works in a real giraffe, but we’re assuming a giraffe, real or otherwise is a highly technical piece of building that we can’t just trust to any fly-by-night architect… so we’re going for the best-of-the-best of famous award winning UK architects.

It’ll be a 10-way pitch situation, so we’ve put together a request for designs (which we’ll upload later).

May the best architect (with no previous experience of building 40ft giraffes on residential properties) win.

[Guest blogged from David, Rachel’s brother, as she’s suffering a fair bit from the 3rd chemo & too sick to post but wanted to get the challenge started.]

(By the way – for the giraffe homework I got an ‘A’, my only ‘A’ ever… until my teacher asked how I knew that was the reason the head didn’t blow-off… and I confessed that I’d made it up as it seemed possible. She immediately marked it down to a ‘D’… in-front of my face! I must have been about 10 at the time and it put me off homework forever after.)

YouTube has been invaded by bananagiraffes

I am now the lucky recipient of not 1 but 2 youtube videos!

First one by Lauren Pettitt age 13 and pretty fantastic it is too! I think there is part 2 coming soon.  She also took all the photographs of the day, quite a few are on her movie and some more are on the bananagiraffes facebook page.


Second one by Tom Van Kaenel (age …no I can’t do that)from http://www.hopefulnotes.org  huge thanks for all the support on the day.


BBC Radio Oxford interview updated and working now


Had a lovely interview with the nice people at BBC Radio Oxford.  Malcolm Boyden made me so relaxed I think I nearly moved into his comfy chair.  Mentioned bowels on the BBC! Shocking.