Set me a challenge!

Set me a challenge

I have cancer, it’s changed my life and my outlook as one would expect. I don’t know what I will want to do when I complete my treatment and am fighting fit again but I do know that I am now officially sick of daytime TV…they just don’t cater for vegetating chemo patients with a limited stay awake time.

So I am looking for your help, I need challenges, things to set my mind to and focus me anywhere but the Jeremy Kyle show.

The challenge can be as obscure, oblique or just plain silly as you like, in fact the crazier the better please!

Just post your challenge in the comments section below…

Type of Challenge

Target Date

Posted By

Banksy style street art asap drew
Brew your own beer asap Carrefax
Benefits of cancer asap bexyboo
40ft banana giraffe asap David
posh voice on local radio station asap David

20 thoughts on “Set me a challenge!

  1. Start your own daytime TV show? Build a homemade firework? Brew your own beer or make your own wine? Forgive me for reverting your template back to Twenty Ten?

  2. BOC – this is your second challenge from me…what is it? Benefits of cancer….list the top ten BOC’s if you can. I am guessing people feeding you from a chocolate fountain isn’t in there?!
    Love as always my strong friend.

  3. You talked of “high maintenance, who me?” a while back,… well (sorry Tim but a girl needs to be busy..) your challenge is to keep Tim so busy that the hours (debatable, I know) spent on daily blueberry patterns ceases …… just for a day or two :o)

  4. Start to write a book regarding your experience with Cancer. Move your blog posts into chapters for a book. Positive thinking type thing ‘Looking on the bright side,when you really could moan about life if you wanted to’

  5. Persuade Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that horses and camels are sooo 2011 and that his next investment should be in banana giraffe racing

  6. Write a short story based in a hospital, the perfect setting for a romance/horror!

    Then, upload it onto Amazon kindle, available for download. All proceeds go to a cancer charity ( I currently sell my dad’s books on there, they do sell and they are rubbish…).

    We can all advertise it through links from facebook, this website, radio appearances, etc

  7. Create a cookery book with receipes that you are following. That would be really useful to those of us who are comfort eating KFCs and doubling our caffiene in-take to cope with a cancer diagnosis!

  8. Listen, I’m not giving up on the swimming gig. The Channel is a bit of a step up, so next year’s Swimathon – April 2013. You’ll enter a Banana Giraffes team and swim in full body yellow swimming suits. I’ll be on your team!

  9. Buy and play a computer game. Approach it with an open mind and record your experiences.
    Doodle 25 giraffes doing various activities.
    Join Day Zero online.
    Volunteer to do something with animals.
    Dye the tips of your hair a really crazy colour. Blue tips looks awesome btw.

    Just some suggestions!

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