Why Banana Giraffes?

Banana Giraffes blog was set up to help and distract me going through chemotherapy during the long lonely winter months.

Banana Giraffes was the daftest thinking blog name I could think of which didn’t sound too earnest.  An excuse to think of new weekly challenges from the absurd to the absorbing. I still can’t say the word without smiling, its full of silliness and sunshine and both were in short supply.

Sadly not all the content reflected the silliness of the name.  One of the side effects of surviving this awful disease is watching your friends succumbing.

The original nature of this blog has as you can see, moved on from distracting challenges to being a beacon of hope for anyone recently diagnosed with bowel cancer, especially at an advanced state.

It’s a tough one continuing to write content without sounding pompous or out of touch, so I may not blog as often, but I’m still here and thriving.

So keep on keeping on whoever you are. And don’t loose hope please.  X

10 thoughts on “Why Banana Giraffes?

  1. And the logo is stupendous – thanks to the brother ! And the name can from a random conversation but what fun ! Thanks Rachel for actually doing it and making it happen – though reading the first part made me burst out crying again – and will effect readers – but my let’s make this a fun place to share, laugh, learn, and make everyone smile!

  2. Hey! Have posted already. Now… we need to think of lots of trades you can start learning at home. I saw a fabulous tea cosy swan on Autumnwatch….


    you are the daughter of LOVELY PEOPLE? WHO WHAT WHERE I hear you ask, my nickname for you and your family, you and yours come in the deli I run, EAT INN LITTLE CHALFONT, just wanted to drop you a line to say Hi and best wishes. LOVE AND LAUGHTER ARE THE BEST MEDICINES I KNOW.

  4. Hi Rachel , I’ve just read your article in women, as I’m sat in my bed after my 2nd chemo treatment for bowel cancer. I was diagnosed around my 50th birthday and had big op to remove part of my bowel. It’s strange when your going through this terrible time that you flick a magazine and your amazing story shouts out. Can’t wait to read the book it’s got to be first on my chemo list next to the chewing gum!!!
    Much love Marlene

    • How lovely of you to leave a comment thank you. And more importantly massive good luck and strength for your treatment. Anything you can do to keep your spirits high is the key.. Hour bu hour if necessary. Much love and I hope you enjoy (in a peverse sort of way!) my book. Rachel x

      • Thank you so much for your support. I’ve just discovered we are neighbours as I live in slough . Like you I’ve two children one twenty at uni and one twenty four . They have been amazing support but sure it’s tough on them. I’d love to keep in touch with you , and as said your book is on top of my chemo list and shall let you know my thoughts on it . Well done your an inspiration x

      • Ah yes we very close. Please do and let me know how you doing. I always said it just as youhh if not tougher some times for our kids and parents watching us. Hope they holding up. There are lots of us survivors out here now shouting about snd you will be joining the club soon, chemo worst bit i always thought, but every day little by little you will recover. Just dont feel guilty for doing nothing and letting others spoil you too. Big hug xx

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