I’m a over thinker

This is now considered a handicap. An ex boss of mine used to ‘accuse’ me of it all the time. In fact anytime he saw me coming to a meeting with an armful of papers, at least 3 devices and a worried expression.

I’ve noticed over thinkers don’t go far. Not from a shortage of ideas or information. But possibly from a troublesome issue with prioritisation.

Which makes writing for a living a challenge. Which idea do I discard? What is better not said? How do I care less about one thing now I’ve given it space in my head and it’s curled up with the dog looking adorable?

Glimpse in my head and you’ll find I’m currently overthinking:

  1. I’m writing much less frequently on t’blog which means it’s going to hang around a long time so better be good
  2. It follows the obituary of a dear friend so better be double good
  3. This blog is supposed to be a beacon of hope that people can survive stage 4 cancer and I’ve not said anything about that for ages
  4.  I’ve noticed my blog is my brother’s default home page and I can’t resist just leaving it simply as, ‘DAVID, CAN YOU RESPOND TO MY LAST MESSAGE!’

And yet, I have internet connection. The toddler equivalent of endless bowels of coloured sweeties and satisfyingly loud cutlery within reach at the dinner table. I now have to clear a wide semicircular arch around myself if I am to produce anything other than vomit or loud noises.

I’ll get back to you. Probably. Don’t wait up.

A calm mind is a powerful mind.


1 thought on “I’m a over thinker

  1. Bowels of coloured sweeties? Is that good? Surely something higher in fibre is recommended for said bowels. Or was that a Freudian penis… SLIP!! I meant ‘Slip’. Freudian Slip. Bollocks. Errr… I mean Bugger. I’ve really balls’ed this up – I give up.

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