I’m at the half way point and feeling a little bit in love with 2016

What’s the word for lots of stuff happening on the same day? Well whatever it is, today was one of them!

Joe had an interview for a job, Lois had her first mock GCSE and I had my scan results. Fair to say the house had the jitters.

In one of the few light moments to offset the enveloping dread, my neighbour Peter popped his head around the door to advise me that he “was off to the Amazon at 2pm and could I look out for the house for the next 6 weeks”. Seeing I was a bit taken back by the suddenness and precision of his announcement I ventured, “Any chance of a swop? I’m off to see Dr Weaver at 2pm”.

Trying to reassure a nervy Joe, when John and I headed off to the hospital full of adrenalin and acidic acid that it would all be ok, my usual strategy of “What’s the worst that can happen?” seemed to backfire. Joe scoffed at my thoughtless attempt of consolation, but it did get me an extra long cuddle.

Arriving at the hospital I descended into a bit of a jelly and poor John who is ever the positive and strong presence seemed to catch my wobbles. Weaver was a couple of minutes late.  Not a hanging offence, but when you send a NURSE to collect us who then positions herself at the back of the room and gestures for us to take the 2 seats positioned in a circle of fear around Weaver, I was by now smelling the chemotherapy.

So the upshot of this blockbuster day is Joe got his job, Lois’s exams were ok and I am still unbelievably clear! 2 1/5 years of blissful clearness and one incredibly happy family.  I am truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  Weaver reminded me that my last relapse happened after 1 year so to get to 2 1/5 years and still be going strong is a very very good sign. In fact it means I am now half way towards the magical 5 year ‘cure’ target.

I don’t need any reminding of how lucky I am, 2015 was a cruel year for our BC community of friends, all of them enduring far more than I have done to try and survive. It’s a cruel disease, random and utterly heartbreaking.

So if you raise a glass to me tonight, please also raise one to those we have lost this last year and the army of people that support us all. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful support network, my dearest family and friends.  I couldn’t do it without you. Thank you. Again. X


3 thoughts on “I’m at the half way point and feeling a little bit in love with 2016

  1. Dearest Rachel
    That is absolutely fantastic news and so good to hear. Wishing you a fab 2016 and do please keep writing.

    All my love

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