My life’s too short list, what’s yours?

I was having a conversation with myself this morning where my old brain was trying to reprimand my new brain for its lack of organisation and tidiness.  It was lamenting the state of the living room which resembled a snow storm in a sweet shop, with the fluffy white inside of the dog’s bed mixing with the daughter’s hundred and thousands from an ongoing cooking incident. As well as the garden approaching a grave yard with the half finished nuclear bunker, being dug by my son, vomitting up 6 square feet of mud against my back fence.

When I suddenly stopped short. 

I came to such an abrupt halt that I felt my new brain piling straight into my old brain; the bit where self control lies, also referred to as the fronto-median cortex I believe.  This can only mean further episodes of impulsiveness are likely.  You have been warned.

Anyway I digress.

Since being in remission and resuming normality, I feel I need to remind myself how I felt when buying products from the long life section in supermarkets seemed like a shocking waste. I exaggerate slightly of course to make a point.  But the fact remains, reminding ourselves what’s important and not whilst we still have a life, is as essential as breathing!  

So here is my “Life’s too short list”;

  1. To not buy what you love because you don’t know where you will wear it
  2. To turn the heating thermostat down when you’re cold (Yes, I know all you pre 1950’s babies had to chip ice of the inside of your undies and also wee outside)
  3. To pretend to be a size 12 when everyone knows you are really a 14 on a good day
  4. To not let the dog sit on the sofa/bed/car seat
  5. To stick with the same haircut all your life
  6. To pretend to like Mahler to impress someone
  7. To get up early on your day off
  8. To buy cheap sellotape.  You know the type that tears lengthways instead of widthways
  9. To over plan.  Who ever really answers the “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” abomination of a question with any honesty?
  10. To think of a number 10 just to round things off neatly

And now for some slightly more serious stuff;

  1. To not take a day off to go to your doctor when you have a niggling fear things aren’t quite right
  2. To hold onto anger or grudges, especially with family and friends
  3. To not lose sight of what’s important to you in life, ever
  4. To not say what you mean, because you are scared people will like you less
  5. To wallow in self pity
  6. To not tell people you love them

Right that’s me done for today.  I can see you all now mentally going through your own list.  Please share. x