Can someone please seal up the hole in my head?

Is it just me, are heads getting smaller, or is stuff getting bigger?

I approach my head a bit like the Victorians did phrenology.  There is space allocated for all the cancer stuff, house stuff, work stuff and family stuff etc.  Which means, assuming my cancer, house and family have all remained roughly the same size; and the last time I checked they were all as I remember them, the only explanation I can find for this tight squeeze is work stuff must be growing again in my head.

Last week, I was perilously close to calling in the removal men.  I either need to move to a bigger head, or just be ruthless and learn to get rid of stuff.  And option 2 is (unless you are reading this in 2050) by far an easier task.

Going back to work has highlighted what probably everyone else already knew; I can’t chuck out or file stuff.  That explains the 11,367 emails in my inbox.  The unpacked boxes under my desk from a previous office move 3 years ago.  The 2 wardrobes stuffed full of summer clothes.  

I have a bad case of “just in case” syndrome and it’s eating into my head space.  To add to this, I also suffer a little bit from ‘man’ brain. I go instantly into solving mentality the moment someone hits me with a problem.  Or challenge as we are supposed to say these days.

One of the downsides of this tussle for head space has been the unfortunate jettisoning of other stuff, this week’s list of examples were;

  1. Words;  Window ledge became “thing we put the radio 4 egg cups on behind the taps”
  2. Daughter; completely forgot I had one for a whole day.  Luckily her Grandma /second mum didn’t and picked her up to take her to the orthodontist as arranged
  3. Conversations; Simply no space left in brain to squeeze one in.  One solution could be to say “Ah yes, I see.  And how does that make you feel? or, what do you think you should to do about that?” etc etc, but I am just not wired like that.  So this has meant avoiding Twitter, Facebook, Texts, mobile phones and people this week until my hard drive (read brain) has dumped a whole lot of items into the waste bin. Until then I am sorry, I just can’t risk having a conversation
  4. Breathing.  Not just common or garden breathing, but BREATHING.  The type you need to be conscious of doing.  I have now solved this by setting a mobile alarm to go off and remind me to BREATH every few hours.  Not to be confused by the millions of other alarms reminding me to go to meetings, or wake up (or v.v)

And before a small army (pacifist of course) of you shout back at me; “you need to MEDITATE more!” I am right on to it.  As soon as I have finished today’s to do list…