These pictures say a thousand words – Race for Life!

Hurrah for the the plug hole in the sky over Wycombe holding long enough to allow some of my adorable friends and family to run race for life yesterday!

Big shout out to Julie and Livvy Palmer, Tina North, Liz Waterson, Rachel Cramer, my niece Esme on her first run, and of course my lovely daughter Lois and my Mum, for all running for CRUK and showing me such incredible support as well as raising well over £1,000 between them.

There’s nothing like the sound of the starting horn and seeing hundreds of women each with individual stories of how cancer has touched them or their families to bring a huge lump to your throat.  And yesterday was even more poignant remembering this time last year when I ran the race with my daughter and Mum (as we do every year) feeling poorly and just days away from being diagnosed with bowel cancer.  So here’s to everyone yesterday who took part, fundraised, donated or is still facing their own struggles with Cancer. You make such a difference and I for one am truly grateful.

Bown’s bunnies!

4 thoughts on “These pictures say a thousand words – Race for Life!

  1. And the most poignant moment of the day, when released from David.s loving care, we ran a few yards linking arms with you, knowing the cost to you of that extreme effort.. Your courage is what has inspired us all . Temporary resident mum using your computer!! mum xxxx,

    • Trying hard to load flower photo but wordpress gets very stroppy with photos and I am lost! But will try later. My lovely brother never does anything by half and as well as looking after me yesterday, he arrived behind a wall of flowers stripping holland of it’s natural resources and a jolly lovely bottle of champagne to be enjoyed once chemo returns my taste buds. Thoroughly spoilt again. Becoming a habit, it’s all me me me me! Will be insufferable when well! Xxxxxxx

      • I think we can put up with that!

        You thoroughly deserve to be well and truly spoiled
        🙂 xxxx 🙂

  2. Rachel what fantastic photos. Congratulations too your fabulous family and friends – marvellous news on the chemo. Enjoy the champagne and hope to see you soon xxx

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