Final chemo session!

BOTH children turn up with cakes for chemo nurses

The 4 week cake and wine diet has finally ended with my white blood count recovering enough to allow me to have my last chemo session today!  So whilst I am high on emotion, I would like to give a deep heartfelt thanks to my army of friends and family who have held me up when my knees or nerves buckled.  To feel your love, to experience your kindness is the greatest gift cancer can give and I can honestly say you have not stopped giving.  So here’s to you!

My family and friends who when the going gets tough roll up their sleeves or trouser legs and jump in with me;  People who have made me laugh and dried my tears;  helped raise and comfort my children; made me endless cups of tea; walked with me when I needed to get out of the house; gave me wine when I could taste it; sent me weekly cards to keep the postman employed and me in stitches; talked sense into me when I needed it; reminded me of the good times past as well as those to come; sent millions of texts to let me know they are thinking of me and for not always expecting a reply; for loving me when I was at my most unlovable and boring; for listening to me when all I could think or talk about was cancer; for remembering to still ask me out as one of the gang even when it was unlikely that I could make it and of course for not taking no as an answer when offering help! For not treating me as a victim; for all your lovely smiles that hid fear or sadness; for coming to see me when I couldn’t come to you and for keeping me entertained during the bitter winter and even colder spring months with delicious lunches and for putting up with good grace my constant change of plans and last minute cancellations.

And not forgetting my online family, those extraordinary courageous people who have pelted me with support and information and brighten my days when I need gentle stimulation or round the clock chat!

THANK YOU and now goodnight for a week! X

p.s. Race for Life Sunday 10th June at High Wycombe (hmm tricky, but will do best to turn up! Thanks all those raising money and running, walking or just sitting with me!)








14 thoughts on “Final chemo session!

  1. I think you should enter the ‘Miss Chemo Patient’ beauty contest – although actually there’d be no contest…….you’d win hands down!!!!! The 4 week cake and wine diet obviously agrees with you 🙂

    Hey, wait a minute ……. I’ve been on that diet a lot longer than you and don’t look anywhere near as good. Hmph 😉


  2. A beautiful family photo. All three a picture of health. Look forward to you now being back on form for 16th. There will be wine and plenty of cake if you feel the need to sample a little more!

    Just get through the next few days and the flags can really fly – no more poison.


  3. Looking at this photo, I don’t think anyone could guess what you’ve been through for so many months, Rachel – you look better than I do most mornings (but maybe that’s damning by faint praise!). Do we need to get a Lay z Boy recliner installed in your office?

  4. You should see me now! Loving the idea of laz y boy in office, although not in puke grey please! Seen loads of people been through worse than me and look fab still. Can never tell from outside eh?

  5. Great picture Rachel – your blog is truly inspirational and from the heart. I know I haven’t left many comments, but I have read every single post and have admired your open-ness to share your feelings and amusing anecdotes. See you very soon Love Rachel and rest of the Evans’ xxxx

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