Lets go to Brighton!

Faced with another week without chemo and temperatures ricocheting in true British style from “coldest month” to” hottest day” at speeds that would snap your neck,  what else could we do than head towards Brighton for yet another treat courtesy of my Aunty Jane. 

I am deeply touched by all the wonderful things my friends and family do for me. If you turn a blind eye to the hospital visits, it feels like a year-long birthday celebration.

And today was no exception as we arrived to be greeted by a glorious summer day:

Sun cream.  Check

Sun hat.  Check

Swimming suit.  Check.

Ah a panicked voice pipes up, “ I had put 2 out but I think they are still under the bed” said Mum with open mouthed alarm.  Uncharacteristically, I had bought a spare.  Arrest for indecency averted.

The sun was now blazing, the clock said midday, a stray dog bounced along the beach; all we needed to complete the tradition were mad Englishmen…..

“Last one to dip their toes in the sea gets a twisted ankle” so off my cousin, Becca and I, hobbled choosing an obvious spot where the sea disguised an immediate 4000 metre drop.  

Within seconds my hat blew off into the sea and given the choice of swimming with Lanternfish, I stood paralysed to the spot.  A group of young men watched the drama unfolding and did a nano second calculation; WIFM.  But seeing 2 women of a certain age with their tops on, decided they were otherwise engaged.

Not so my mum who with reactions that would shame an antelope legging it from a cheetah, launched herself into the sea to save my hat, sacrificing my mobile phone to the waves in the process.    One hat retrieved.   One phone dead.  And one Mum a bit wet!

This week has been temporarily called the Cake and wine diet and so without further ado, we went for afternoon tea and demolished the lot!  And today, I have completed the second leg of the challenge and sat in the sun and drunk wine with Di!  Not a bad result.  If that doesn’t get the little white blood cells moving they are jolly ungrateful!

Becca, me, Aunty Jane and Mum

would you seriously save a hat like that?

8 thoughts on “Lets go to Brighton!

  1. Pathetic photo skills too, to add to that list of senior moments. Sorry Bec,s didnt mean to slice you in half! Dont get old i hear resounding loud and clear in my head!! Thanks again big sis, for another v happy day and with a going home present of a novelty giraffe cup to round it off and add to the collection. Keren xxx

    • With the blazing sun I am amazed you managed to get anyone in the picture! Lois made me tea this morning in bed in my new giraffe cup, very cool! I had a lovely day and slept like a log. Thanks again all of you xxxx

    • ha ha if only it were that easy to slice me in half in real life – would save me having to give up cake 😉

      “Don’t get old”? “Good as a holiday” ? Now where have I heard that before!

      Lovely day, lovely to see you both for an afternoon of laughter……..and cake 🙂 thanks mum x

      • Glad we were able to fit it in at last on one of Rachel’s “good days”. I also had a really lovely day.

        Don’t give up cake Becka – you might slice the wrong half. That’s why you and Rachel get on so well; you are both great personalities.

        LOL (my version) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You are hilarious!!!! Xxxx
    Think you should have a weekly column in a woman’s magazine, wit like yours should be shared and shared xx

  3. Hi Rachel! I go down to Brighton every other Friday to pick up Tom from college, so if you’re ever down there on a Friday, let me know. No need to worry about swimming suits in Brighton – just head for the naturist beach! Hmmm… there again, with the British weather being what it is, best keep your wooly jumper on!

  4. Rachel, you looked Fabulous in that hat, I would have chased you for it, sod the phone. Enjoy our ,,,prob 2 day,,,summer.

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