Stuck in neutral

Over the last 12 days or so I seem to have alarmingly slept IQ points out of my body. I would like to say my dog sleeping on my bed has soaked them up, but he looks as vacant as I do still.  My Brain is as empty as a whistle and I am stuck in this twilight world between being sick and being really well and just need to find the strength to jolt myself back into gear!

The one thing I have learnt over the last couple of weeks is there is no amount of telling myself I will feel fine again in a week or so which will really convince the real me that I believe myself.  Yes I did have to reread that sentence a few times as well…

Of course I can reread my posts and listen to countless people wiser than me informing me I will start to feel normal soon, but knowing something and believing it are two very different states of mind.

The best advice is to be patient and remember that nothing stays the same for long. I can see that now as I am emerging from the fog and nausea.  We all live in a constant state of flux and hanging on to one state too long or worrying you are stuck with it is futile.  I just need to go with it and be ready for the next phase when it comes along, as I now believe it will and make the most of it when it arrives!

This is also valuable advice to any parent with teenagers!  Admittedly the units of time you measure these good moments might be nearer to attoseconds (shortest time now measurable) rather than Olympiads (4 year cyles), but you get the point. Blinking during these periods is obviously not advisable.

As they say “Change is inevitable.  Unless you use a vending machine”.

2 thoughts on “Stuck in neutral

  1. “My Brain is as empty as a whistle…” what a great simile! (Although, of course, referee whistles do have little balls inside them which rattle around when you blow, so presumably your brain isn’t like one of those!) Whenever I need some inspiration for a bit of copy, I shall be a returning to bananagiraffes. And when you’re back at work, Rachel, I shall watch out you’re not after my job. Otherwise I’ll be as redundant as…. um…. errrr… Ken Livingstone, perhaps!

  2. Funny lady I hope everything makes sense soon. I was a bit flabberghasted yesterday as this big orange planet thing appeared in the sky, lit everything up, and felt ‘hot’, we all thought the world was about to end, but, it felt good man. Didn’t last long. But in the grey wet days of recent times there was a new Harvey ad on telly, Harvey and his best friend the rabbit. That made sense and made me have the same kind of feelings as the big orange planet. But then I realised I have those feelings whenever I think of my BFF Rachel. Or eat a crab. The former being much more often, and easily achievable. And it made me smile inside.

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