Chemo number 7 versus Rachel

The upside of my blood recovering has meant I went ahead with number 7 yesterday as scheduled, and it all went super smoothly.  I even managed to leave before the nurses turned off the lights and got treated by a new nurse putting my steroids in by drip rather than injection; amazing what passes for pleasure these days! And Jo did a change over with mum and turned up at lunchtime with liquorice toffees. Everything was going like clockwork….hmmm.

Until I tried to leave and found the neuropathy and chemo fog had descended so fast, my friend Jo resembled Usain Bolt as I tried to follow her to the car park!  And this from a women who broke both ankles and wrists last year, so I must be hallucinating or the nice nurses have messed about with my wiring again.

And sure enough sickness followed and my body began to emitt its usual chemo glow lighting up the chiltern hills. You walk in to the sight of a miserable grey rainy Buckinghamshire sky and leave a few hours later filled with chemicals and heh, instant Maldives!

Chemo number 7 is shaping up to be a nasty piece of work and roughing me up a bit too much.  Now Knock it off!  Meanwhile Dad, decorator turned nurse administers the bone marrow injections!


10 thoughts on “Chemo number 7 versus Rachel

  1. Looks as if Aidan has injected his finger by mistake with your happy stuff!! Keep laughing despite the rainbows round you – only one more to put up with. Hurrah!! : )) xxx

  2. there is something very scary about the bottom photo lol!

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling so rough, at least you’re a day closer to the last session though:) You’d better keep indoors til your glow subsides – don’t want Heathrow-bound planes diverting to Holmer Green….eeek! xxx

  3. Hey Rach – great to hear you’ve had round 7 but sorry to hear you’re taking a battering from the chemo. Great photos of your lovely multi-tasking Dad though have to agree the second one is a little scary… oxox

  4. Hello!

    Your blog seems to have so many similarities to my own experience – you really can never plan for anything when your body decides to take on it’s own personality. I always feel such a fraud that externally, on my 10 good days, I look a perfectly normal, healthy mum, when really, my insides are flipping all over the places and betraying me, darn thing cancer!

    I’ll keep a track on you – good to know how it is going a few weeks ahead of me. I’ve got another 4 treatments this cycle, followed by 5 weeks of radio, op on liver, op on bowel then 12 weeks more chemo. But, this is all hypothetical! Let’s just see how my results go in 2 weeks!

    Thanks for your words of support and encouragement. Helps to read other positive people whilst we’re in the middle of this ‘gloom’!!


  5. Darling girl,
    It’s nearly Wednesday, and it’s May (no-one told the weather), and hopefully you’ll be out of the fog soon enough and the best news (?) is there’s only one more…we are all rooting for you girlfriend and willing you to feel better than you have recently so you can enjoy getting out and about in this delightful Spring/Summer weather before last session.
    I think your Dad should write his CV, his new skills are at the extremeties of what a retired chap should be doing and it would make for very entertaining reading indeed!
    Love to all, everything crossed that you feel stronger and able to get out of your basket and prick your ears up soon enough.
    Jen x

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