Just when I was getting ready to give up on my bone idle bone marrow…..

David you were right! 6 attempts needed!

I was totally caught out this morning when my white blood cells stopped acting like French air traffic controllers and finally got back to work.  Granted they dragged their little white blood cell feet and needed 6 attempts to tempt them back into the chemo ward today. But I can now look forward to 3 weeks absence from needles, having sported more cotton wall buds these last 4 weeks than your average reception art class.

Which goes to prove you must never give up; “It’s always darkest before the dawn,so if you are going to steal your neighbours newspaper, that’s the time to do it” or perhaps more suitably from Winston Churchill, “If you are going through hell, keep going!”. Life is anything but predictable at the moment and it does me good to remember faith and loads of love is the key to getting through this.

As we descend back into winter this week, I am consoled by the weeks of enforced rest I ‘endured’ basking in hot sunshine like a job lot of beef jerky.  All I can look forward to over the next 12 days is my body and face swelling back up like an air bed and the aversion to anything cold which has started already with my knife and fork causing my fingers to tingle and swallowing food becoming a dangerous sport with my throat going into spasms.

Oh well, see you on the other side!   zzzzzzzz

5 thoughts on “Just when I was getting ready to give up on my bone idle bone marrow…..

  1. Bless you my lovely – and PHEW we all said. Was it the Shiraz and pies that did it we wonder? or did you sit in Jim’s chair for enough time ? Sorry I couldn’t be there and take comfort that you had the Summer ‘off’, now it’s Winter we’ll all be holed up too.
    Lots of love, hope it’s not a bad one.

  2. Talk about winter. You think you have it bad, I took a train on to Bradford last week where there was 4 inches snow waiting. And I didn’t have a coat. If ever Churchill’s words were needed…;-)

    I am delighted to hear the news about your white blood cells. Go get ’em! This website is fab – you should go into marketing!

    Thinking of you. Be strong.

    • Watcha!

      Nice to hear from you. marketing eh? Are you saying this is all spin to get a few days off work?! Ha maybe.

      Off to Brighton, have pulled the clouds back with the duvet and I think it will be spring today. Enjoy work…


      • Hi Rach Glad to hear you are in Brighton today. Looks great hear so sure it will be even nicer on the coast. Take care hun xx

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