Stop press! Chemo cancelled again. Anyone for a naked run through the fields?

This is getting really silly. Sent home again, 4th time unlucky. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it?

Blood count gone down not up.  How ungrateful after taking the lazy slackers on holiday over the weekend as well. The most annoying thing is the lack of information on what is causing this and what to do over and above the GCSF injections etc.  Lovely Beating Bowel Cancer nurse suggested perhaps my oncologist might want to prescribe antibiotics as I could be fighting a low level infection. Would certainly explain the utter stuborness of my bone marrow to shift over this last 3 and half weeks.  It’s all going on inside my body, despite me looking a picture of health on the outside! 

Lucie however suggested an alternative approach I don’t think I have seen advertised so far which is to run naked through the fields.  I am running out of options fast so if antibiotics don’t do the trick, I will seriously consider this and any other suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Stop press! Chemo cancelled again. Anyone for a naked run through the fields?

  1. Typical Lucie! Always with the naked run solution. She’s had me doing that a few times – apparently it works for stress… tho it can set of a chain reaction of streakers as the next one feels stressed for seeing a nudie running through their garden.. and so on..
    We could see if we could set off a stressed mexican nude wave from Wycombe to Barnes??

  2. No, no Rachel don’t. You know how things always happen to you ! Naked and arrested really, something is bound to happen ! Go butterfly catching instead, dressed. Pleaaaaassssee! Or stay indoors and make cakes.

  3. Hey, I know Chemo is not pleasant, but please you must have really upset the little blighters! So…….. make yourself a nice vegetable juice mixture, with carrots, apples and beetroot, (yes I know you hate beetroot), but it is really good for your blood…… It’s worth a try. xx

  4. Let’s try another way. You’ve been doing everything good, so let’s try BAD. Forget chinese tree-root, accupuncture, burning your leg-hair with cigars and swilling Jim-Spit made from swollen turnips. NO.

    Try a crate of Chilean Shiraz, to wash down chips, chips, chips, pies, and endless amounts of full-fat chocolate. Try smoking real cigars. Try watching back to back Jeremy Kyle then hanging out down T-Max or Primark with your roll-ups (fags, not short-Rachel-trousers). Buy a self home blood kit from Lloyds Pharmacy (you know they gotta do them) and play. Elvis favoured a bacon-fat deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whisky is delicious. Vodka is quite lovely too. Especially to wash down the pies. Eat rubbish and drink yourself silly.

    Then you won’t WANT to run naked (thank goodness), and you won’t care a jot as you’ll be tiddled, but you may just scare the naughty white cells into submission – they may get so scared that they start to play nicely and do what Mummy needs them to do….

    Just a thought….

  5. sounds a brilliant idea Jenny! Even if it doesn’t work, she’ll certainly enjoy trying:) If you want some company, let me know xx

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