I will remember this weekend for ever

This weekend when our weather knocked cheating celebrities and other matters of national security off the front page of our national newspapers, I went to Brighton with my teenage son, Joe.

Used to conversing in complete sentences of only one word, it was a brilliant revelation to find we could hold detailed and long conversations about all manner of subjects from black holes to Bear Grylls; How many bears can Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?  Bear Grylls can grill one bear on his grill as he only has a one bear grill.  Or something like that.

Joe’s sceptical attitude to everything and everyone around him was hysterical and I am now totally ‘teenaged’ up on what’s cool or not.  (Apparently for reference, just about any make of car other than Aston Martins or Bentleys are gay, as are most clothing outlets with the exception of Superdry or Bench and many other items, too long to list here including the humble ice cream).

Sadly after the best weekend, we had to come back (him to school and me to the chemo ward), but not before we attracted the attentions of a ‘strange’ individual on Brighton Beach who locked onto us from the thousands around us, like a heat seeking missile.  After a rapid fire exchange of information in which we learnt his weight, height, leg injuries, number of sit ups he could do and his prediction that Birmingham will become the new capital of the UK, we made our escape before my left temporal lobe threatened to detach itself completely.

With all the delays to chemo, I have felt quite normal for the last 3 weeks and had quite forgotten what it feels like to be so ill, which goes to prove my point about short memories where treatment is concerned. But off for the 4th blood test first thing and if neutrophills are go, I will be spending tomorrow afternoon being nuked.

When I re-enter the real world again, I will plot a similar outing with my nearly teenager daughter Lois!  And more treats have been lined up; with a bit of luck we will be back in Brighton in a couple of weeks with Lauren and Jo.  Can’t wait.

Joe shortly before someone threw a cigarette but from balcony above "nearly setting light" to him!

6 thoughts on “I will remember this weekend for ever

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Love the photos and it looks as though you had a great time! I agree Brighton is a brilliant place and you were lucky with the weather. Spent a weekend in Birmingham recently with Laura and it is good, really different from how I remember it years ago, so perhaps the wierd man was right!!
    All the best this week, Love Kathy xx

    • THanks Kathy. Perhaps we should start a campaign although i do LOVE London. How about a deputy captial city position? Birmingham could step up when London is feeling a bit poorly or just wants a lie in or is on holiday? xx

  2. Who is that lady checking out your teenage son in picture number 2!?! Sounded an amazing weekend for you both, yep so looking forward to hitting Brighton – everything crossed for another jaunt to remember.

  3. Wait, that place looks familiar!

    Sounds like you had good time… Let me know if you’re down in sunny Brighton again,

    All the best

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