I am going to get cured if it kills me!

I have been saved from my 6th chemotherapy session by the non appearance again of my rabble army of neutrophills.  Fed up with the cost of re-doing blood tests every few days, common sense has prevailed and I am given yet another week to rebuild my strength after the 3rd attempt of chemo this cycle was aborted on Monday.  According to my oncologist (who could never be accused of answering a question with an answer), I have a particularly virulent form of bone idleness and there is nothing more that can be done with my bone marrow than wait for it to recover in its own good time.

This means I have another unexpected week off and it’s sunny and the skies are blue so after the initial disappointment, I am happy!  SuperDad however wasn’t impressed by this “let’s see how it goes” approach, and set up another appointment with my acupuncturist to try Moxibustion as you can do this yourself daily which alongside the chinese herbs, juices and pills, Dad likes the sound of!  My poor Mum and Dad have a full time expensive job on their hands looking after me at the moment.

So armed with a packet of moxa sticks (made from the leaves of the Chinese herb mugwort) and some diagrams showing the acupuncture points which relate to the movement and stimulation of blood, we set of home to give it a go. There are points up my legs and my tummy which I can manage to reach myself but SuperMum who has a steady hand, needs to be drafted in to reach the points on my back.  The Moxa stick once lit resembles a big fat cigar and you need to hold it in place over the point or rotate it in circles and try not to burn the skin.  The heat stimulates the acupuncture point and leaves me feeling completely calm and very, very tired.  Something is happening, but I have no idea yet what!

In the meantime, Jenny and I try puffing on a moxa stick..


3 thoughts on “I am going to get cured if it kills me!

  1. I keep rubbing and re-rubbing my eyes but no, I’m still reading the same words hahaha!!! The lengths you go to write something in your blog.

    Seriously though, I hope that, and the sunshine does the trick. Only you Rachel, only you lol!! xxxxxx

    ps the plant name is surely far too obvious so it must be OK?

  2. I laughed out loud. SuperMum said she was ‘coming round to do the smoking drugs thing’ and I thought ‘This I HAVE to see’. Not what I expected, this whole ‘Dad get the sand’ and Rachel stripping of her hosiery in the front lounge. Not at all. Then 16 line drawings of bits of legs with orange highlights liberally splattered over each diagram. And then 30 minutes later partaking of home-made salmon mousse (Highly recommended) by lovely Di sitting in the sunshine sipping fizzy wine…..what a funny day. Hopefully the Little White Blood Cells will be confused so much they won’t know what to do, and the whole count will go up. Fingers crossed for Monday !

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