Update on the giraffe sticking out the roof

In yet another shining example of the different ways people react to testing circumstances, I am thoroughly delighted with a letter I received yesterday from a firm of architects.  Regular readers may remember the pitch document to the UK’s top architects to enquire about the likelihood of getting a bananagiraffe projecting from the top of my house.

You may be forgiven for thinking this is not an indication of normal behaviour and will doubtless be met with a stern rebuff.  And yes I admit that not all architectural practices are designed with a funny bone in mind.  But we have hit gold with David Chipperfield Architects, who posses not only a fully flexible funny bone, but also a heart of gold.

Thank you sincerely from Bananagiraffes for your generosity of spirit and funds and a big thank you on behalf of beating bowel cancer as well who will I know be delighted to receive such a spontaneous donation!


3 thoughts on “Update on the giraffe sticking out the roof

  1. scary thought, knowing there are people out there thinking the same way as you and your brother hahahaha! Fantastic generosity, well done xx

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