Hartwell House and Dancing on the Edge!

As Jenny and I arrived at Hartwell House for an overnight Spa stay courtesy of Dad, we walked smack bang into a film set.  The security guy at the door and Manager ushered us towards the BBC area as we walked into the Grand Hall.  It was only quick thinking by Jenny who alerted the confused duo that we were paying guests, which avoided us causing all manner of mayhem with Jacqueline Bisset and Anthony Head!

The BBC is filming a mini-series called Dancing on the Edge due out next year, set in the 1930s. Over 80 crew members, Lorries littered all over the place and a 12 hours of filming, all for 4 minutes of footage!  Nice to see the BBC doing its bit for the deficit!

It is a pretty spectacular place and perfect for relaxation, especially as all guests obviously take a vow of silence when they check in.  You could hear a snowdrop drop, which was a bit of a temptation for Jen and I to liven up the guests, but after several attempts of CPR they were not to be revived.  So we turned our attention on the staff instead and when asked on a hourly basis if there is anything they could do for us, we came up with a long and inventive list which involved mini goats in the room, dancing men and horses, blanket for molly the car and an underground tunnel to the spa building.

These requests were met with good humour and a nod of agreement and although we had a green flashing alien on the ceiling in our room all night, we never found the mini goats or champagne filled bath.   We crunched our way through the ice to the spa (Hartwell House recorded temperatures of minus 11 on the day we arrived), and cooked ourselves like sea food in the Jacuzzi, lost a couple of stones in the steam room and tried to get a beauty treatment.  Unfortunately they refused to touch anything of me other than my hands on account of the chemotherapy which they obviously thought was treat enough!  So I paid for a manicure and promptly smudged it all off trying to get dressed.

Hartwell House is remarkable for its history and architecture.  We ran out of time re-creating many of the statues but Jenny found one which tickled her fancy and I found a long lost relative judging by the size of his nose. 


We slept solidly in pitch black and complete silence and left minus at least 2 big bags under our eyes.  Very, very spoilt girls.

6 thoughts on “Hartwell House and Dancing on the Edge!

  1. haha of course jenny would love that statue. I hope you two had a great time, curious why they wouldn’t give you any other beauty treatments? Are massages and pedis not allowed?

  2. And many, many thanks to Superdad and Supermum who supplied such an awesome, fabulous treat. And many thanks to David Jason for the use of his library in which we took the mock-statue photos, and to the film crew for letting us use the stairs, and the doorman from the film-set for divulging secrets, and the very nice young man who seemed to be the GM for looking after us hourly. And to Rachel for being a great person to be on a mini-break with. Oh and to the very young lady who removed all my wrinkles in the spa. I look 15 !

  3. What a lovely time you must have had. Heehee bet you two brightened the hotel staff’s day too! Hope you’ve managed to recharge your batteries before the next onslaught:)) xx

  4. I like your idea of challenges – swanning around a swanky hotel and then this week a box at the Albert Hall!!!! Still I suppose someone has to force themselves to do this sort of thing and it might as well be you. Enjoy. :-)xxxx

  5. Does anybody know what ‘the thing’ is called – so you go into Pret, or Nero, or Costa, and you ask for a skinny soy latte one shot, or a fat Cap extra vanilla, or an Americano hold the milk. Depending where you are they say ‘granday?’ or ‘Tall’ (don’t ask for my answers), but eventually you get what you asked for, but then you need a ‘thing’, so you say ‘Please can have have a ‘thing’ so I don’t burn my hands ?’ They are made of corrugated cardboard and the cup goes in them.

    • A sleeve? Or is that too simple. Us war children don’t get to indulge in such luxeries very often. So I never know what to order so land up with an Americano. Need a coffee degree I expect. (Did I hear a violin?) x

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