Chinese Herbs and ponies

I thought we were due an update on the medical research progress of Superdad.  Now those of you who know him will testify to his methodical research and caution and certainly wouldn’t label him a shopaholic.  An easy mistake to make and one which doesn’t fool me anymore, for there is a gene in our family which, with no prior warning can kick in and cause all manner of contradictions…  One notable example of this break from normal service was the purchase of a wild untamed new forest pony bought with about 10 minutes notice for his (me) 10 year old daughter after driving past a for sale sign during a week’s summer holiday. The decision was even more alarming when you consider I knew then as much about horsemanship as Fred Goodwin does about restraint.

Not quite on the same level of spontaneity and enjoyment, but nonetheless caused by the same charming quirk, the shopaholic gene has kicked in again and we know have more remedies than your flagship Holland & Barratt, and the latest purchase to join this collection is Chinese herbs.

To help persuade me to drink this brown potion to treat my blood, Superdad gulped down a glass and declared it tasted very nice and rather like warm liquorice.  Meanwhile Supermum carried on fumigating the house and had to drink her potion in secret in the kitchen for fear of giving away tell tale facial signs of distress.  I have now drunk mine and whilst I might need to have my brain thoroughly washed before I view it as a treat, it wasn’t half as bad as I thought.  Be interesting to see the white blood count in a couple of weeks….

If you are interested in research into Chinese herbs and colon cancer click here




4 thoughts on “Chinese Herbs and ponies

  1. Aidan never does things by halves so I expect there is a large container of the herbs accompanying that of honey and molasses in Keren’s favourite room in the house! Economy of scale – does that make him a shopaholic? I hope you have a good supply of pegs for your nose when drinking another magic potion. xx

  2. Hee hee hee, but what fun was to be had with that untameable pony! Perhaps it was that same indomitable spirit that drew dad to toffo and thus brought out that determination which is so evident in you now! So tho i know you,re a bit low just now, promise youself a rip roaring canter before long and kick the dust over these last few months.mum. xxxxxx

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