My Mum and Dad

My Mum

a rare phone as she hates her photo being taken!

How awe-inspiring can one women be? She has been my rock, my best friend, my comfort all my life.  I wish everyone had a mother like mine.  But not mine, so hands off!  I have been asked countless times to ‘lend’ her out over the years and she does sometimes go on missions, but always comes back!  She is with me on my dark days, when none of you really know, and she celebrates my up days too.  She is best friend to my friends, mother to my kids, she cleans, hoovers, brings water, food, takes the children home at the drop of a hat, and stays strong when she herself has been through hell and back. I will never get over my Mother! 

My Dad

What compassion and generosity!  My lovely Dad has done more for my cancer than any person I know would, from research to taking his very own airmiles and travelling to Hungary to pick up a suitcase full of cancer drugs from a women he knew remotely.  He reads and studies all the time for new things to help me, he books and pays for nutritionists, acupuncturists, pills and potions and anything else he can get his hands on.He brings me daily nutrititous juices which he juices himself and drives like fury to get them to me within the 20 minute optimum drinking time!  I have not yet found an hour early enough to get up to catch my Dad out!  Waitresses, therapists, shops around the country will testify to the phsycial battles that take place over payment everywhere we go!  I haven’t won yet and I am 29 years younger than him and in full time employment!

Everytime anyone says “your are very brave, how do you do it?” etc, I refer them to above! I love them to bits and am very blessed.

11 thoughts on “My Mum and Dad

  1. If you were healthy and a horrible person (in which case I’d not be reading), I’d be jealous. Since you’re not I can only be happy for you. To have parents like that is incredible, to have just one person in my life like that would be amazing. I had to give up juicing because I couldn’t face the smell, not sure I could stomach them anyway, but chemo left a lasting aversion. They even look happy and smiley. Perhaps you could clone them?

    • Thanks Lisa, I truly wish you could too. It makes me sad that you don’t. I know what you mean about the chemo aversion. I have a growing list of foods I can no longer stand, at one stage water was in that category which was a bit of a problem! Lots of love x

  2. Hope Aunty Keren has a hankie up her sleeve, she may need it after reading this!! Especially today of all days. I know I do after reading that.

    P.s you nearly scored a double in that photo as the person sitting on the sofa behind hates having her picture taken too – she will be pleased at the positioning of Aunty Keren’s arm!!

    p.p.s Cloning….hahaha what a great idea!


  3. They did clone, they cloned well, they gave us Rachel (and David). All that goodness in a younger version. Bless them for that ! Keren just texted to say she’s crying, I hope it’s happy lovely crying. Warm fluffy crying xxx

    • Not sure the cloning machine worked that well on this side!! Is a tough old example to live up too.. but is a blessing to have it that way & an ongoing lifelong lesson. The horror is I spent my teenage years giving them nothing but trouble! Infact if you ask Lucie she’ll say that it didn’t stop then!

  4. Blimey Rach!! You should have warnings on your blogs like these!!
    ie A chip shop by the sea! …..the owner must have thought i took it very hard that there was no curry sauce as he looked very confused at the sudden plopping of tears on the counter and obvious eye contact avoidance when he handed me my order.

    But here! here! to everything you said – they are certainly the most amazing and wonderful parents any child could wish for. xxxxxxxxx

  5. As her sister I can heartedly agree with all that is said about her. My BF too! Hankies all round on this 3rd anniversary of our father’s death. We’ve been very blessed with our dear family. Thank you Rachel. Lovely you can express your feelings like that. xxxx

  6. Oh dear Rachel, now you have gone and embarrased us !! Its so easy to give when you get so much back. How could we not do what we can, which is not really a big deal, when we’ve watched the way you have surmounted one huge challenge after another, with such cheerfulness and courage. We have learnt so much from you and are still learning !! We love you to bits too. x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Mum and Dad

  7. On this beautiful sunny day I hope we have all stopped plopping and are enjoying the inclement unseasonal warm January sunrays. Certainly all of the dogs in Surrey are out with hatted and booted owners all looking very Sundayish from the head down, but covered in mud from the feet up. And I forgot to report that the other day, whilst in London-town, I did partake of a most unusual scene…I had just walked past a tramp who was trying to make music out of a traffic cone (badly), which was odd enough, but I came upon a red man. He had a red hat, red scarf, red waistcoat, red coat, red corduroys, red socks, red shoes and a red bag. He looked very red, and out of place, but well dressed in his redness. I should have known he was a thespian as he strode into the stage door of the Theatre Royal, and I don’t think that was to avoid the Trumpet Tramp. Reminds me of Tango Tracey in Turkey. She’d decoloured her world and only wore, possessed or lived in Orange (Oh, but her airtime provider was Vodafone…). From her tiny orange bikini to her Seville hair, and her luminous nails, she explained in broken English that she’d vowed to only ever be around orange again. And then there are the green couple of Islington…
    Happy Sunday peeps, hope you can enjoy the sunshine and eat nice roast dinners. Don’t forget to watch Birdsong tonight at 9, promised to get us all plopping again…
    Jen x

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