Laughter and enjoyment and Qi are coming my way this week!

This week is a good week.  A very good week.  A terribly kind friend of David’s has given me 5 tickets for his box at The Royal Albert Hall to see Cirque de Soleil during half term. He says it will do me good as it’s an inspirational show of strength and courage.  What a spoilt spoilt girl I am.  Thank you very much indeed David, Izzies Dad, I can’t wait! xx

And keeping up with my promise to try new experiences,  I am now enjoying the pleasure of lying down for half an hour each week covered in ultra fine needles, courtesy of my new acupuncturist.

This isn’t as painful as it sounds but I am naturally disappointed that I leave the session without having given a least a test tube of blood. Turns out he is not your average Dracula.  Keen observers of qi may not be suprised to hear that mine is blocked and in need of a good old flush out and rebalancing.  Whilst this is all supposed to help with the nausea and the white blood cell problem, an excellent by product of all this is a clear head. I have energy!  It may still be like a typical journey to Kingston, fast, slow, fast, slow, stop, Crash. But I sincerely hope to see more success with removing my roadblocks than I would expect from the 3 motorways I used to have the pleasure of travelling on every day!

Observing that the biggest obstacle to getting properly well might be the nonsense that still circulates in my head, he gave me a good talking to about tapping into the power of my mind.  I have left with the following two challenges and will update you on my progress;

1) Imagine I am lying on a golden yellow blanket and starting from the top of my head breath in white light from the universe feeling it purifying and cleansing every cell in my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, concentrating for longer on my liver and intestines.  A kind of holistic CT scan I guess.

2) To practice drinking a cup of green tea slowly tasting every mouthfall, smelling the tea and feeling the warmth on my face and concentrating on nothing else than the sensation of drinking and the feel of the new bone china cup!  I need also to apply this to the task of eating a meal!

A far cry away from my usual practice of eating and drinking whilst on the computer, watching the TV and on the phone all at the same time. And at speeds that would make a hamster feel giddy.

And if I can do all this and keep my sense of humour, he prescribed a regular jolly good laugh, although not whilst eating or meditating I presume.  Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Laughter and enjoyment and Qi are coming my way this week!

  1. I had wanted to see a Cirque show for about 7 years having seen it on TV and later watching clips on You Tube. I’ve never been so enthralled. Then in March 2010 I got a type email including half price tickets. I’d just started seeing someone (lasted 3 weeks) so I booked the tickets for Manchester and he drove. We had second row seats. It was incredible. I was like a small child.I also do similar meditations to the one above, I’ve various guided meditations on mp3, healing ones, sleeping ones, just relaxing ones. Andrew Johnson is very good, Scottish with a very soothing voice. Enjoy!

    • Hi Lisa, nice to hear from you! I am looking at the Youtube videos now and biting my nails already! Funny you should say about Andrew Johnson, a friend bought me his CD and I LOVE his voice too. I find it so hard to keep my mind under control though. Lots of practice needed. x

      • Considering the hampster-dizzying pace at which you live life, Rachel, I’m surprised you’re able to sit still long enough to meditate! I think you’re doing very well! When thoughts intrude, the voice on MY meditation CD tells me to “gently escort your attention back to the object of meditation”, much as you might gently escort a banana giraffe back to, well… whatever a banana giraffe might conceivably wander off from. (Mindfulness… Prof Mark Williams). Not Scottish, but still very good!

  2. Rach, you and the kids will love a Cirque show! A far cry from Billy Smart’s circus I used to endure as a child (well, my fear started after I was chased by a 6 foot tall man in a monkey suit when I was 6… but that’s another story).

  3. Where’s our daily Blog ? Rachel rushing around doing lots of mad things but not writing Blog! I have withdrawal symptoms, please write Blog ? We are Blogless, out in the cold, bereft of Bloggy Goodness and feeling empty and unfulfilled….is she running down the field with the dog whilst on a conference call with needles sticking out of her ? For goodness sake can’t she be Blogging at the same time ? What’s wrong with superwoman ? Or should we replace the Blog with the Dog and see what happens ? Any suggestions from other Blogless Banana Giraffes ? Let’s start the BBG club for days like this…

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