A silly in-between birthday

Dear Rachel Bown of Holmer Green

Your 45th year has gone and been

And what a royal pain it was

We could say anus horribullos

But 46 is here to stay

And we can all say Hip Hooray

Recovery is on it’s way


A lovely birthday poem by my ‘wife’ Jenny x

15 thoughts on “A silly in-between birthday

  1. Many many Happy Returns of your Birthday
    Lots and lots of love and wishes for a better year once you’ve finished this horrible cure. You are using all your will power to get through this and the reward will be “you” back to yourself before this hit you. Our prayers are constantly with you.
    Enjoy your girly lunch.
    Love from Gordon & Jane

  2. Hello Rachel, Cathy here – remember me ? (Jenny P’s friend in Colorado). I had no idea it was your birthday today – just looking at your blog as Jenny sent me the link. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry you are going through this bad patch. Hope you felt well enough to enjoy your birthday. I can’t believe the ages of your children – time goes by so fast! My daughter will be 7 next month and I will be 52 this year OMG! Sending you a virtual hug. Take care and I will check in with your blog soon.

    • Wow Cathy, I don’t believe you are a day over 25! Sure you still get asked for ID.? Thanks for looking me up. I am feeling bit more like my old self today. Love to your daughter, she still at very cute stage. My boy is a teenager who has 5 different grunts to communicate everything and my daughter is 11 rising 13 but never stops talking thankfully! Lots of love xx

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