The UK’s best architects get a taste of BananaGiraffes

Our bid to get a 40ft giraffe sticking out of the roof has started in ernest: the UK’s best architects will soon be receiving their invitation to be involved in the most notorious bit of architecture since the millenium dome.

Read the pitch document here:

the 40ft bananagiraffes brief

– – – – – – – –

If you feel that you’re one of the ‘UK’s best architects’ but maybe not recognised as such then here’s your chance for a bit of recognition. Fill in your name and email in the form below and we’ll include you in the pitch.

(posted by Rachel’s brother David as she is too sick to post again today)

PS: the letter is in Adobe pdf – if you don’t have it then you can download the plain Word file here HERE


PPPS: update: am now a little worried that our money for their pitch fee was not their usual rate!

18 thoughts on “The UK’s best architects get a taste of BananaGiraffes

    • Dear Jane and Gordon.
      No, “sticking your neck out” is not as you say ‘bananas’ – though it may depend on where you are and what you were doing at the time.
      May I also pick you up on your punctuation as you seem to have missed a full-stop after ‘out’.
      with fondest regards,

    • Well first thing we should do is use Aurasma and project 100 feet of giraffes and bananas onto the dome itself – 3D projection. Who can help with that ! Or a big moving, eating banana giraffe onto Big Ben from a mini projector by the abbey – any volunteers? You Tube it and ask for donations.

  1. oh David, you missed a trick there – those things poking out of the Dome roof look like Giraffe necks. thought you’d have photoshopped some heads on the end.x

    • The dome was designed by Richard Rogers.. who’s one of the famous architects we’ve asked to pitch and I wouldn’t want to insult him… tho just realised I called his dome ‘notorious’ so it may be a bit late for that!! blast!!! Sorry Richard!

  2. I think I may have found just the ticket. Searched again this morning for “architects with experience building 40ft giraffes on residential properties” on the off chance and you’ll never guess what…it genuinely returned 1 result!! honest!

  3. Now, just you wait a minute Mr Thomas – the goal posts have changed!

    I have been designing a giraffe to go on the roof but having just read the brief it says: “to construct a 40ft banana giraffe at a residential property” which would suggest it could be on the ground.

    I would be most grateful if you would clarify the position, at your earliest convenience, in case modifications need to be made to my plans.

    p.s. Would you be so kind as to tell Aunty Keren I am not eating bread at the moment so could I possibly have a salad instead (with chopped dates as well, if she pleases)

    Many thanks,

    • you have soooo changed since you started becoming a pretend architect!

      On behalf of my mum I do apologise for the last time you came down when she just gave you bread.

      Times were tough then and I’m afraid that was the limit of our hospitality.

      You should consider yourself lucky – some visitors got marrow.

      To anyone else who would like to visit; we do now do other things as well as bread & marrow – though dates may be pushing it.

      The stipulation on the giraffe is 40ft – you can start at any floor… I think… original text: “Try and get planning permission from the local council for a 40ft banana giraffe sticking out your roof?” so could be from the roof or not from the roof…

      ….oh…. I don’t know Betty!

      • Oh you and your fancy London ways!

        The bread I was referring to was the bread to be used by your mother, my aunt, to make sandwiches in return for my £50 (Section 4: Your fee & timelines).

        I have heard London bread prices are exorbitant compared to our simple country markets but I struggle to believe I could eat £50 worth of sandwiches (chocolate, now that’s a different story!).

        I therefore requested dates in my salad to:

        a) preserve the memory of many a lunch at no 3 and latterly, no 15 (note I omitted orange pieces as I realise we’re in the middle of a recession)

        b) to get the most value for my money – times is hard, don’t ya know!

        Bread with honey is most acceptable though.

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