Made it onto page 3! Thanks Bucks Examiner


6 thoughts on “Made it onto page 3! Thanks Bucks Examiner

  1. Coool – good little article – lets hope the paper-boys are better than they were in my day and everyone reads it – think most of the papers back then ended up in the Spinny!

    I technically wasn’t a paper-boy – more like just in name only – I was a front for my mum doing the paper-round!

  2. People – send lots of messages to Rachel this is a nasty one and she’s not too bright. Think good thoughts and send love through the airwaves. And if anyone knows what a Gravatar is please tell me ? My Dad used to be an architect. I will give him the 40 foot giraffe connundrum to ponder over whilst he is golfing in Antalaya – I think it may just blow his head off even trying to think about it…

  3. Ooh and everyone BIG REMINDER – it’s Rachel’s birthday this very Thursday so let’s block up her letterbox with silly cards and giraffes….and loads of comments on the blog / Facebook. Cheers x

  4. this is brilliant! i love the outfit!! who made it? hope you had a good christmas and new year! i love the piano playing – im listening now on youtube! xxx

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