Thank you. Everyone.

I am pondering if it says something about the English that despite the richness of our vocabulary which allows us to draw shades of distinction unavailable to non-english speakers, I can find only a couple of words to express thank you.  (For the record Eskimos have 50 words for types of snow and Italians have over 500 names for different types of mararoni!).  And right now that doesn’t seem in any way enough for me to express my gratitude.

I cannot let 2011 get kicked into touch without thanking the army of people who have supported me with love, generosity of spirit, positivity and endless patience. This is a very dangerous post as there are so many people to thank so please blame my chemo brain if I have forgotten to mention you.  I count myself very lucky to have all of you in my life and hope I am a little lower maintenance in 2012! So the biggest ‘thank you’ to:

My amazing Mum and Dad for being so resilient, strong, selfless and loving; for being there literally 24 hours a day; for keeping me well mentally and physically and being 2nd mum and dad to Joe and Lois, not to mention all the help around the house and many things too countless to mention.

Joseph and Lois for being the bravest and most thoughtful children ever.

Tim, for his calmness and presence when I was at my most scared, for the non-stop thankless task of looking after me and refusing to let me do anything! And for putting up with my ever changing and demanding diet and still serving up nutritious meals daily.

My brother David (and Lucie) –for being there from the very first second, sitting through all the consultations with me, for letting nothing be too much trouble, for endless love, energy, creativity, research and positive inspiration.

BF Jenny for being there when I needed her most and also being there for my mum as well as my boy Joe, for her daily funny cards which made me laugh and cry and for keeping me going day after day with bonkers texts, messages and gifts.

Pip for supporting Tim and me, plus keeping us laughing and Leanda, Matt and Ginny for their kind words.

My cousins Becca and Sharon for being more like my sisters, my Aunties and Uncles and more cousins for keeping my sense of humour and showing me how important and amazing my family are.

Adam and Holly, for stepping up their support and love for their bro and sis.

My truly special and long suffering friends;  Jo for taking me away from it all with endless cups of teas and support, for a memorable trip to Eastboune and for looking after Lois and Joe at the drop of a hat; Lauren for her incredible support for me, Joe and Lois, for her uplifting messages, photography, videos and fundraising;  Julie for being there for me but even more importantly Lois without question without asking and just knowing what to do; Andy B for meditation, wisdom, selfless support and keeping me amused with never ending supply of stories and good jokes; Alex for protecting me from stress at work, for lovely cards and letters and for the weekly round-up of news; Alison for massive support, motivation and creative buzz; Tina for reminding me I am still normal! Di for laughs and setting up the bum bandits club and food, food, food and more delicious food!  Mary Y for being the first person to get my head straight on cancer and fix my mental attitude; Jane for being there for me and Lois and becoming a good pal; Kathy for a shoulder when I needed or was scared; Liz M for taking my mind of it! Bex for the craziness. And for Nick, Bruce, Nicole and Glen, Ronnie, Claire S, Tracey OB, Aileen and Burger Joe for just being wonderful and keeping my spirits up.

My colleagues who have become dear friends for their genuine support and kindess:  Elice, Wendy, Simon C, Sally W, Sarah, David W, John P, John B, Siobhan, Chris S, Leah, Sona, Shelley, Anna, Liz, Dave C, Mark S, Simon A & Rachel and Cathy & Diane.

To Mindy and her mum for reassuring me when I get the wierd side effects and courage when I needed it.

And Beating Bowel Cancer for their forums and community support, Tom Van Kaenel for his support for Bananagiraffes and BBC and Mary Holloway (volunteer) for her weekly Reiki sessions.

I feel pretty humble and blessed looking at that list and just terribly sad for people going through this on their own, spare a thought or better still a visit for them this new year!

11 thoughts on “Thank you. Everyone.

  1. And a big thank you to you!
    For opening my eyes to this horrible disease and all that goes with it.
    For making me put my own little troubles into perspective with your glass half full attitude,
    For brightening my day and making me laugh most days with your amazing view on life plus all the tales of escapades.
    and for bringing us all closer together and generally making me very proud to be related to you.

  2. Beautifully put becka and so so true. a lovely round up to a challenging few months which has given us all so many positve , inspiring lessons. Keren xxxx

  3. Thank you for inspiring me and the rest of the Hopeful Notes folks and for teaching us some of life’s most important lessons, the most important being, ‘stand close together and love one another.’ X

  4. ….and a big thank you. to you for being such a massive inspiration to us all and for making time for eveyone. A positive note from this rotten time is that we have all had more of our wonderful, funny, thought provoking Rachel and seen you achieve so much at less than your normal 100mph pace. hugs n xxxxx’s

  5. At the risk of sounding like an old hippy, (wait a minute ….perhaps I am one!) to quote the Beatles, ” the love you take is equal to the love you make”.
    Love you Rachel. xxxxxx

  6. Thank you Rachel,for your fantastic blog (which always gets things into perspective for me when I’ve had a bad day!), and your amazing bubbly selfless self!
    Hope Lois is feeling a lot better!
    Hear’s to a good 2012!
    Jane xxxx

  7. What a woman. Thank you to her goodself for accepting this with grace, wit, energy, and and endless positive attitude – even on the dark days she bounces up again and makes us all feel humbled and renewed to be there for her and her lovely family. I don’t know about anyone else but it has indeed shown us all how fragile life and health can be, and it’s made me do good, and encourage others to do good, whenever the opportunity is there. And I am so much more ready to say ‘I love you’ to the people I hold dear, even if they look at me as if I am barking. Thanks Rachel, and Keren, and Aiden, and the kids, and all Rachel’s adoring and committed friends. What a bunch we are. Here is to 2012 and to recovery and to health, love and happiness. Oh, and as of New Year’s Eve, apparently, the ‘divine light’. BANANA GIRAFFES RULE. Happy New Year to all xxxx you’re all wonderful, and gorgeous.

  8. Love reading your blog Rachel, you know its not the same here without you so its great to get a piece of you and our humour in another way, and I can see BananaGiraffes carrying with all sorts of other things in the future as its so inspriational. Maybe there will be pictures of giraffes in the corridors of WK in the future with different quotes, how funny that would be!!

    Happy New Year and 2012 is going to be amazing!!

    Take Care Siobhan xx

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