I opened my big mouth too soon!

My little big girl has been in hospital all day having checks for appendicitis, on New Year’s eve, probably the worst day to get any sense of out hospitals.  Still waiting on definite diagnosis if we ever get one, but it’s looking like a grumbling appendix as her CRP inflammation levels are up. She has been so brave, I am hoping it will cure her fear of needles although from this picture it doesn’t look likely. Poor Lois was due to go to the Pantomine today with Lovely Livvy and family and then to a party at Lauren’s tonight, she must be thoroughly fed up as it’s looking likely that she be kept in tonight.  Luckily my Mum and Dad are with her as I am banned from the hospital until my blood count goes up. 2011 you are officially the worst year ever.  Now go on, get lost!

10 thoughts on “I opened my big mouth too soon!

  1. Poor Lois :(( and poor you, banned from being with her:(( Looks like the vampires have been too!

    I’m off to bed soon – 2012 can only get better, can’t it?

    lots of love ♥♥

    • Best place to be I think. Sit this one out eh? The Vampires were trainees so they left a trail of blood. Didnt really help cure her of her fear of needles and veins. Think this has truly scotched all hopes of her becomming a doctor now!
      Your mum said she still remembers when you were her age and had an accident and she sat by your hospital bed in terror all night.

      • yeah, all I remember of that is being taken to the loo, catching sight of someone in the mirror and not recognising the face looking back at me. Think the horse came off worse though!
        Annabel has a fear of needles – unfortunately it didn’t stop her having a little drawing done on her though!!!………wait for it, grapevine’ll go into overdrive lol 😉

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum.

    Yes Rachel I think 2011 has been nasty enough to you and your family so pray 2012 will bring some Good News. xxx

  3. wow they made an awful job of that didn’t they?!?!. How to create fear of needles, do a job like that!. Hope she is okay. Good luck with the white cells!. Here is to a better 2012.

  4. sitting with your lovely lois , was like sittimg with a mini you , as she patiently and bravely won each doctor round in turn, whilst she still took care to see we ate and drank! Who was looking after who i wondered!. So typical! Mum xxx .

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