Last days of 2011, still time to pack in at least one more major event surely?

Samoa have got the right idea and jumped forward in time, erasing today and so are now enjoying New Year’s eve as I write.  But for the rest of us, we have at least another day and a bit before we can kick 2011 into touch and surely by current standards this gives us enough time to squeeze in another major catastrophe or to topple a world leader?

2011 has been so packed to the rim with fast moving events that we must have used up all the big stories for some time and can all hopefully pray for a more positive and peaceful breather in 2012. 

I am sure I am not the only one who sees 2011 as a year of fear, and I was lucky enough to miss a great chunk of it by turning off the news for at least 3 months whilst dealing with my own major event!  So much has happened it is impossible or unwise to remember it all. And as I successfully managed to avoid some of the worse incidents, I have decided not to read the annual round up across the media as I don’t want to accidently stumble across something I had missed and have to squeeze in all that worry into a few hours or risk it leaking into a brand new shiny 2012.

On my own micro level, I would like to re-write 2011 as a year when I learned the power of love, extreme kindness, and generosity and so I am going to greet the new year with a cheery smile and a plan to be 100% healthier, 50% tidier, 25% slower and 25% more tolerant, ‘cos 2012 is not going anywhere till at least 2013 and that’s a very long time away.

Happy and healthy New Year everyone!

1 thought on “Last days of 2011, still time to pack in at least one more major event surely?

  1. If you learned all those things Rachel, your example cascaded down through a lot of other people who, inspired by you, learned some of those lessons too.
    I think it has been mentioned before somewhere on this blog, but am reminded of the saying that ‘no man is an island.’ (J. Donne). It was another one of Grandad’s favourite sayings.
    We can all by our example affect others for good or ill and thankfully the responses to your entertaining blog can certainly be seen to have affected others for good. Dad

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