Geoffrey the ginger giraffe had a very shiny eye and….

if you ever saw him, all of them you would buy!

On one rainy monday morn

We made the oven nice and warm

In went all our little friends

Selling out like the latest trends.

Lauren and Lois spent all morning making giraffes and with Joseph and Christian, walked around the village in the pouring rain selling festive giraffes for beating bowel cancer and raised £72.00!  A  brilliant effort by 3 teenagers and 1 wannabe teenager.  Who dare says the yoof of today are only interested in themselves?  A massive thanks all. xx

8 thoughts on “Geoffrey the ginger giraffe had a very shiny eye and….

  1. Well done to all and yes they tasted as good as they looked!!! All done with the help of celebrity chefs Delia and Nigella aka Rachel and Keren. xx

  2. Well done you! Fantastic sum raised. Where’s the boys? Hiding when there’s a camera as usual. And congrats to Delia & Nigella for their creations. Pity I’m too far away to get a taste : -)))))))))) xxxxxx

  3. They look amazing! Proper professional looking. Did they actually taste of giraffes? How much did it work out per giraffe cookie? If there’s any left then Joseph can set them up down the end of the garden as a shooting range??? Well done. Xxxxxxx

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