YouTube has been invaded by bananagiraffes

I am now the lucky recipient of not 1 but 2 youtube videos!

First one by Lauren Pettitt age 13 and pretty fantastic it is too! I think there is part 2 coming soon.  She also took all the photographs of the day, quite a few are on her movie and some more are on the bananagiraffes facebook page.


Second one by Tom Van Kaenel (age …no I can’t do that)from  huge thanks for all the support on the day.


5 thoughts on “YouTube has been invaded by bananagiraffes

  1. Uncle Gordon says you were inspirational and surely won the hearts of all who were there and those who see the clip. Of course you won our hearts years ago and this has only made the feeling deeper. Keep it up and you’ll beat this monster.

    PS Loved the wobbling end of the banana under the piano!!

  2. And what an amazing video that a young tender Laureen has lovingly put together. You know that Rachel really appreciates what you have done for her and we too. Thank you so much Lauren for recording a wonderfully memorable day. I find it hard to believe that this is the first one you have done !
    Rachel’s Dad

  3. Hi Tom. We have just listened and watched your lovely video of Rachel’s piano playing at the Churchill hospital. We are so pleased and thankful that we have your record of her public debut and a memorable day which in no small part is due to you. We are very very grateful that you not only organised the occasion but acted as the compere, which ensured it went so well and was such a happy time which we and others can recall to memory whenever we feel like it.
    Rachel’s Mum and Dad

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