Bananagiraffes can play the piano (well badly)

Huge thanks to everyone who donated money today to Beating Bowel Cancer, not least BBC Radio Oxford and Malcolm Boyden who publicised it so well yesterday.  Will let you know how much we raised later. Photos coming later for Decembeard, courtesy of our photographer for the day Lauren Pettitt.  And I may dare point you towards a YouTube video courtesy of Tom Van Kaenel from Hopeful Notes and the Sea2Sea challenge.  Massive thanks for his excellent compere duties today and drumming up such great support.

Here is the audio clip from the BBC Radio Oxford telephone interview after the piano knock about.  Listen out for Lois, very moving.

And Challenge number two – watch out for news of a 40 foot Banana Giraffe poking out of our roof!

10 thoughts on “Bananagiraffes can play the piano (well badly)

    • That’s a really good idea! I am up for that. We were discussing it today and my son Joseph is going to join Tom for part of the uk leg of Sea2Sea and possibly my mum and dad. If I remember correctly though he starts on 21st April which is both my kids birthday so may cause some arguments!

  1. I know someone else who is now officially a cyclist……daughter, are you reading this? fancy a challenge?
    …and to Rachel, family, friends (and all the patients/outpatients at the hospital today who donated and/or put up with us!), WELL DONE EVERYBODY!!!!!

  2. If I could play a tiny fraction of how you did I would be more than happy & I don’t have an excuse of chemo fingers. A challenge well and truly met. Now rest a few days PLEASE (on your laurels)!

  3. incredibly proud of u Rachel for all the courage and cheerful spirit you have shoiwn us all. What a day to remember! mum.xxxx

    • Wait to you see Lauren’s movie of the day. It’s a masterpiece and I will treasure it and get strength from it whenever I need a boost. I need to figure out how to get it on the blog as it is truly beautiful and moving and funny all at the same time. Watch out for name Lauren Pettitt, she will be a huge star one day. Very talented.
      I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness, support, love and generosity today. Biggest thanks today to my children Lois and Joseph, my mum and dad, my brother, my partner Tim, my sis in law pip, my best mate Jen, my dear friend Jo and her daughter Lauren and her grandma Anne, my aunty Jane, my cousin Rebecca and her daughter Annabel, Tom van Kaenel, Alison Bateman for setting me up in the first place with BBC radio Oxford and cherwell and all the patients and visitors who gave so generously today to beating bowel cancer. As I might have said before it’s easy being strong when you have an army like that with you. Xxx

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