Reiki, Relaxation and family life!

My Reiki session this afternoon wasn’t quite what Mary, my therapist was aiming for as she pressed play on her relaxation tape and asked me to breath in peace and love and breath out stress and tension.

The assault on my senses didn’t match previous sessions where a kaleidoscope of colours danced in front of my eyes.  This time, it was more akin to a freight train thundering between my ears.

The first clue that relaxation might be an illusive goal was the arrival of 3 boys on bikes who galloped 2 stairs at a time into my son’s bedroom.  I have heard rutting stags make less noise. I breathed in deeper, my diaphram emptying faster than JD Sports in Croydon. “keep the noise down please I begged”.  A moments silence followed by the bedroom door shutting and then the punch bag being knocked into next door’s hallway and more sounds of cats being neutered.  Why aren’t boys taught in science that 3 inches of MDF doesnt cover them in a cloke of silence?

The door bell rings and yes it’s the arrival of my mother (or as she is fondly still remembered in Sussex, the Hassocks loud speaker). “JOSEPH, THERE ARE 6 PAIRS OF SHOES BLOCKING THE DOOR, I CAN’T GET IN”.  Two more children, one of them mine fall in behind her.  The dog barks.  The phone rings. The boys fall over each other to get down the stairs first.  Joseph begins his ernest attempt to play “Mad World” loudly and repititively and the poor strains of Mary’s relaxation tape give up their feeble attempt to distract and start to wail disconcertingly. We both collapse into giggles.

In the space of 30 mins we have moved from a relaxed family house to a lunatic assylum without the usual familiar interval of a mad hatter’s tea party. Mary tells me the Reiki will still do it’s work even if I am unable to benefit from the normal levels of relaxation and makes a mental note never to turn up again outside of school hours.

9 thoughts on “Reiki, Relaxation and family life!

    • According to Wikipedia, Reiki is a “cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled in a sweet soy sauce marinade.” Oh no, hang on, that’s Reiki’s younger brother, Terry Reiki.

      (Sorry. I’ve been reading too many Christmas cracker jokes recently!)

      • I heard it originated from notes between cousins;

        Shaz: Re:last nights booze-up – How you feeling cuz?

        Michelle: Bit rough at the mo, feeling bit ‘iki.

        Shaz: Awwww – poor you babes – fancy a curry?!!

        Michelle: don’t Shaz, gonna vom any moment!

        Shaz: Re:iki – there’s a woman up the road who can help you with that – she can make you see multi-coloured things

        Michelle: Re:iki – I don’t need her Shaz – just brought up multi coloured things all by my self!

        apparently that’s all completely true.

      • Very funny, David! But are you sure? Wikipedia defines Reiki as “A belief that the world is controlled by a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood, whose members include George H. W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II and Kris Kristofferson.” Oh no, hang on, that’s Reiki’s elder brother, David Icke.

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING BEYOND AMAZING bless you and your big heart and all your silly misbehaving white cells and your lovely broadcasting voice. I love you so very much my darling. Jen x

  2. My sister in law has just sent me your link, thank you for your truthful account of your experience, I was diagnosed in July 2011 of primary bowel, secondary liver (plus others). I felt/feel very alone, but not anymore, all your comments are so true! You are a true inspiration. Wishing you every success Jen (another one!)

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