This moment contains all moments

This was my Grandad’s favourite author.  From my brother today to remind me we are all in this together.  (Any reference to Cameron and his cronies is entirely coincidental!)


8 thoughts on “This moment contains all moments

    • Sorry that the apostrophe police were off duty this weekend, but I can see that others have picked this up already. All I’ll say for now is be careful about those plurals!!!

  1. I feel so distant right now but your blog is awesome and keeps us all going in support of you, you marvellous, wonderful, inspirational, coping lady. I love you SO much if only some of us could take some of it away I’m sure we’d so do that in a heartbeat.
    I will see you very soon my darling, and I truly hope you feel better within a few days.
    Ghastly business.

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