chemo round 2 has found some new methods of torture

Not content to let me rest on my laurels, chemo round 2 has added a new menu of side effects including a frozen face, nose, forehead and eyes which give me all the side effects of plastic surgery but none of the benefits.

My legs have also chosen to play up this time with constant pains in my shins and pins and needles all the way up if my body temperature should drop below room temperature!  I may have brought some of the new side effects on myself by reducing my steroids which make me very jumpy, insomniac, and very tearful.  The payoff has been a miserable 3 days of feeling really sick.  I am praying this will come to an end soon as I can barely keep water down. 

Anyway, I am encouraged to post today despite my low mood for 2 reasons:

1; The every growing army of wonderful volunteers I seem to have access to and..

2: the every growing european audience that I have seemed strangely to have picked up – such are the mysteries of the internet! Thank you for joining and commenting and I hope to get back to you individually when I am feeling a bit stronger.

As for my wonderful volunteers, this week has been a bumper week.  I had a new therapist courtesty of the Sunrise Cancer Unit in High Wycombe.  Apparently I am eligible for 4 free treatments and have chosen Reflexology from one of the generous volunteers Diane White.  It was the most blissfull way to spend an hour after my chemo regime and I really think it has helped with some of my side effects.  I didn’t even mind Carol coming in afterwards to land a needle in my stomach to encourage the bone marrow to fire up! 

And yesterday, I had also had my wonderful regular Reiki Therapist, Mary Holloway, another volunteer who has been treating me for a couple of months now.  She is always full of useful information and tips to help me accept my situation and feel less nervous of all the random things going on in my body.  This angel has been sent to me by the Ian Rennie Cancer Charity as part of their Hospice at Home care and very welcome it is too.

I hope to be back to nearer my old self by Wednesday or Thursday, so bear with me.

lots of love xx

6 thoughts on “chemo round 2 has found some new methods of torture

  1. Sounds like the last few days have been rubbish……hope the worst is over.
    Hunting round for a funky outfit for next Friday to compete with your banana giraffe, though no contest really! You win hands (hooves?) down. xxxxx

  2. Oh Rach – keep going my lovely mate. This is all but a moment in time – and the dark days make the bright ones shine.
    When you mentioned plastic surgery, it bought a memory back of one sunny naughty afternoon in St Martins Place, outside Carluccio’s, sipping prosecco, and you giving me advice on always wearing sunglasses to delay the wrinkles. Or failing that – sit with your back to the sun so no-one can see them! Looking forward to the sun coming out so we can do that very same thing again xx

  3. Hey Rach number 2 done! That’s a quarter of the way, soon it will be a third and then a half….you’re not just on the setting out bit your well on your way now. Looks like you’ve got a small army of giraffes and bananas right behind you too! Think one of the giraffes complained about all the yellow only for one of the bananas to retort ‘you’ve got some neck’! [Sorry!]

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