Chemo round 2 – still turning the lights out

As I may have hinted in my last post, my family have very low boredom thresholds unsullied from a lifetime without a TV and the cerebral demands of X Factor.  So any chance to join me in hospital is billed as the outing of the week and well worth bartering for.  My mother won this week, after promising to do everyone’s Christmas shopping as payment for her reward.

You may also remember, I was the last one to leave the ward and turn the lights out on chemo round 1, so I naturally assumed I’d done my time and would be fast tracked through the system today.  Not so.  Dr Deputy Needles in his gratitude yesterday to find some blood from one of my damaged veins, was temporary blinded by his success and completely overlooked the demands from the chemo vampires for 2 test tubes prior to starting chemo.   This oversight was also missed by the chemo ward until about half an hour after kick off when all hell broke loose.  Carol, one of the lovely chemo nurses, who manages to combine gentle compassion with an organisation zeal unmatched by anyone I have seen todate, was luckily on the case.

More blood was demanded and after an hour or two’s wait for the test to check that my kidneys and liver were still doing whatever it is Liver and Kidneys do, she plugged me into my USB port for today’s *special* Oxaliplatin.   This happy hour lasted 2 hours.

Whilst I waited for the side effects to hit, I was distracted by one of the other customers at our alternative cocktail bar who reminded me that however rubbish we feel, we don’t have far to look to find someone worse off.  Alerted by her unique walking style, I discovered that this brave and cheerful lady had no less than 5 knee replacements and 3 shoulder replacements. Now, even in my drugged state I was able to ascertain that as she clearly wasn’t a giant insect this poor women had gone through knees and shoulders faster than I go through a pair of leggings.  And now she was back in suffering from Lymphoma and starting her first chemo regime and due to break the news tonight to her 92 year old father. A sobering thought.

As I watched the chairs emptying and the nurses leaving, my mum offered to give the ward a once over with the duster and hoover before turning off the lights and going home.  Sleep well everyone.  Steroids willing.

Oh, are you still here?

Stoppress!  I am absolutely NOT making this up but have just heard that my poor Dad has today (on the day he is recovering from yesterday’s bladder operation) received a bus lane fine of £130 for the mercy bus lane offence in Wembley a couple of weekends previously (see post on Don’t frighten the horses. I must have jinxed him).  And in another turn of coincidences, he is joined by my brother David and my Mum who also received speeding fines this week.  Surely the only conclusion we can draw is that as I try very hard to slow my life down, my family have choosen to take up the slack!  Have a heart Ealing parking office surely? 
p.s. Rebecca has started a facebook campaign!

9 thoughts on “Chemo round 2 – still turning the lights out

  1. Poor lady, fancy being so cheerful after all that!

    I bet they look forward to your visits, brightening the dreary place up! Is there a fight for the squidgy chairs? Last one in gets the wooden stool by the look of it!

    Sleep tight xxx

  2. Do you think people power would work? Why don’t all us blog-followers petition Boris? We could pitch our tents, caravans & motorhomes outside his offices – it’s a tad chilly but they’re worth it!

  3. thanks Becka for your kind thoughts ! a speed awareness course for me might not go amiss tho – some might certainly think so! Aunty K

  4. Don’t tell dad but I got another ticket today. This one for standing still! Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Need to find the middle ground me-thinks?
    Pics looks of a truly uninspiring place… tho looks like they’ve tried to liven it up with the curtains???
    Wonder who’s idea that was; “I know what’ll make this place with the drab furniture & awful colours feel nice & homely & warm… some flower print curtains!”

  5. So glad I’m not the only one to notice the awful furnishing! Am really enjoying your blog Rach, its great to be able to hear your special brand of humour again, even more than I had the chance to before you left work in fact! xx

  6. Hi Rachel. Managed to get a 50 % discount on my penalty notice. Becka’s facebook campaign must have influenced the authorities !
    But I think its about time I stopped invoking the air ace Douglas Bader’s philosophy that human ‘rules and regulations are for the guidance of wise men and th eobedience of fools’ !

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