My family and their idea of a fun festive day out

Most families are content to be found in shops or worse still estate agents in an attempt to empty the contents of their bank accounts before bunkering down for the relaxing budget festival we call Christmas.

However my family and friends decided there was absolutely no way they were going to eat Christmas dinner without first emptying the contents and cavities of their bodies and have descended like a flash mob on hospitals around the country.

So, it is with huge relief that I can report that today’s hospital results are all in the good news category and bladders, colons and noses are all flushed out and ready for action!  Please join me in saying well done to my Dad’s bladder for keeping cancer at bay, Rebecca and David’s colon for being cancer free and Tina’s nose for being polyp free.  All we await now is Pip’s carpel tunnels to be widened on the 21st December.  Surely no advances on the 21st anyone? 

p.s. My white blood cells are still struggling to regain their former glory and have just managed to scrape through to the minimum level for chemo to go ahead tomorrow.  This means the dreaded GCSF injections go ahead in the stomach on Thursday and more enforced isolation until I can be sure all traces of infection in the population at large have been eradicated!

4 thoughts on “My family and their idea of a fun festive day out

    • I feel very disappointed, bit like I did when I got my GSE results. Should have done better! I don’t know what else I can do to get them motivated, taking enough pills to awake the dead! I am hoping my oncologist will give in to pressure and lower the chemo dose tomorrow? xx

  1. My body thinks it’s eaten two ton of overcooked sprouts, but yes I am pleased to say my report says I have a “grossly normal colon”. My dictionary definition of gross is ‘unattractively large or bloated, offensive, lacking sensitivity, unrefined, repulsive’.

    Where is my chocolate?

    So glad everyone else having a good day, those French are being a bit stubborn though aren’t they?

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