You wait years for one flavoured giraffe to come along and..

then another one turns up!  Whatever next? 

Anyway, changing the subject rather rudely, the trick with this cancer lark is when to turn into a hypachondriac.  I ignored all early signs of bowel caner as ‘didn’t want to make too much of a fuss’ but now I am neutropenic (white blood cells too low for chemo to continue), I am encouraged to check every little sign as my body has no defences left. Means my little sore throat and sniffle that developed overnight is now a health hazard and needs zapping with antiobiotics.  Jolly good, I could do with more pills to take!

Marvin the hypachondriac giraffe

4 thoughts on “You wait years for one flavoured giraffe to come along and..

  1. Well zap away and get lots of rest. If it were me it would be an America’s Next Top Model marathon on Youtube, followed by Canada’s Next Top Model, Australia’s, etc…. (I have really horrible reality TV tastes.) Anyway, hopefully the absence of white blood cells means that the chemicals you already got from previous chemo sessions were very powerful and knocked out lots of baddies along with the goodies. FIngers crossed for next week. Cathy

  2. I prefer yellow giraffes. At least you can see them coming – pale green ones will just get lost in the Savannah and then they’ll creep up on you and head butt your white cells when you least expect it. Keep safe and protected by your yellow ones.

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