My white blood cells are deserters!

This is no time to go to sleep!

Good and bad news. Due to start chemo 2nd cycle tomorrow and face the picket line, but after seeing my oncologist this afternoon, my white blood cell count is too low to continue.

This means I have a week off to try and get the little deserters to come back and fight. I am feeling really tired and thought this was normal service, but apparently not. Means I need injections to stimulate the white blood cells which comes with a new set of side effects including bone pain. Poor body not coping well with chemo, in the words of my upbeat oncologist “If I continue with treatment this week, I could kill you!”. So, books, TV and lots of rest for me this week and back in next Wednesday for another try.

lol x

6 thoughts on “My white blood cells are deserters!

  1. I would send you some of mine, but I fear they are steeped in red wine and stress…thinking of you my darling perhaps Christmas Shopping on Saturday is a Bad Idea ?
    But Molly and I can pop up for hugs and I can talk nonsense at you ?
    Poo bum HUMBUG to White Blood Cells.
    BUT BUT BUT you can practice the pianoforte….

  2. Bloody white blood cells…just typical that they should make a drama now eh. Having said that, books, rest, daytime tv and chocolate are one of your BOC’s no? One bit of a challenge complete – there’s one way of looking at it.

    Your wbc’s are obviously not communicating with that strong little head and even stronger little heart….tell them to tune in.

    We do fairy dust and wishes every night – were wishing your wbc’s to get stronger. Fairies make everything happen didn’t you know, so watch this space……xxxxxxxx

  3. Lots of piano practice time then!
    Keeping with the hospital theme(what else?)
    , I’ve just returned from my pre-assessment appointment and will be undergoing a minor op to relieve the carpel tunnel syndrome in my left hand…..on Tim’s birthday! Have been advised not to do any manual work for at least a week…..this is going to be quite a different christmas. All hands to the pump, and the goose.

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