Please don’t frighten the horses

My very first challenge days after I was diagnosed was given to me by my best friend Jenny.  Knowing that Lois and I would donate a kidney for the chance of seeing the Spanish Riding School, she had lovingly booked a couple of tickets for their first London Tour in 5 years.  I remember thinking it was a daunting 3 months in the future and I couldn’t be sure how I would be feeling or whether my mum, who has hippophobia would have to go in my place.  Thankfully for both of us that was not the case.

So after banking a load of sleep and taking an industrial supply of bacterial hand wipes and a promise to wear my ‘Michael Jackson eat your heart out’ mask, I set off with Lois, determined to avoid the great unwashed!

It worked a treat as miraculously we appeared to re-enact the parting of the red sea wherever we went.   We were warned the horses were easily spooked and no flash photography was allowed, which like all good citizens, we ignored. So I figured if the horses could put up with red flashes going off around the arena, my terrorist mask was the least of their problems.

Look into my eyes...

The nobility of the horses and riders brings a lump to your throat and once they filled the arena with the regal sound of the Overture to Suite No.1 in F Major from Handel’s Water Music, I was a gonna! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thank you Jenny.

And to complete a wonderful day, Super Dad and Super Mum were waiting outside to drive us back home!  This happily coincided with a rush to Wembley for the X Factor quarter final results so traffic was beginning to resemble a Beijing Expressway. Never one to sit in a traffic jam when there is an illegal bus route he can take, My Dad set off on a mission to beat the traffic.   The next bit in the family script is for my mother to give him a good ticking off which of course she didn’t disappoint!

I am back home now and hungry as a horse watching Tim wrestle with 3 separate meals.  Stew for Joseph, Spinach and egg curry for me and vegetarian sausages for Lois.  Yummy.

p.s. Yes Hippophobia is a fear of horses.  Totally unfair of me as my mum has had to conquer this fear after taking on my horsey duties and accompanying Lois to the stables.  No mean feat when Welly (the pony) is less than gentlemanly and liable to put the willys up anyone!


8 thoughts on “Please don’t frighten the horses

  1. what a lovely day for you both:)) NEVER knew Aunty Keren was afraid of horses though!!! How did I not know that?? She’s kept it very well hidden – didn’t you have Toffo indoors at one point? xx

    • Well I am exaggerating for dramatic reasons a bit! She is gettinga bit fonder. And yes we did have Toffo in doors once and mum followed him around the sitting room with a bucket. I have tried to get Welly indoors but he cant get around the tight corner into our sitting room. Big belly Welly. x

  2. Yes, Becka, I love them from a distance but am wary of being kicked, particularly by Welly, the pony Lois rides, as I now have a gammy leg.
    Toffo, Rachel’s first pony, did come into our kitchen on at least one occasion, but thankfully left before he could do any damage or leave his calling card !
    That was part of our swift learning curve on the business of coping with horses.

  3. Hi Rach, wow love your stories, you write so well, my only meaningful experience of horses came in France when I was paid the ultimate compliment by the local farmer of borrowing his horse (no, stallion) for the afternoon. This came about cos Mary (my ex) rode like Scarlett O’Hara and could even gallop under trees unscathed and I suppose he thought I was in the same league. Anyway, I thought that this brute would follow Mary’s old nag in front but no… as soon as the farmer had gone, it started walking fast towards the railway line, then gathered speed… I could see a group of horses in the distance and got a sudden intuitive flash that he was going to see his girlfriend and nothing was going to stop him, certainly not me. Of course I fell off, into a large puddle and the horse continued at a canter. I now prefer motorbikes… B xxx

  4. You and me both Keren. Not the happiest of days for me when we had ponies. Too frightening – saw disaster every time they went out. Thankfully Bec and Silla never brought Charlie and Sam indoors. That WOULD have freaked me out!

    Glad you managed to get out Rachel, and enjoyed it. Pleased you making the most of this pre-download few days.

  5. So so glad you both enjoyed it so much and got so much out of it. If I’d known it was to Mozart I would have got 3 tickets….
    WHAT’S THE PLAN FOR WEDNESDAY ? Though, if you continue eating spinach and egg curry…..

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