I am in more trouble than I thought

Of all the things I’m pretty lame at, playing the piano is possibly the most outstanding.

My particular dread is also playing in front of anyone. Especially my piano teacher local musician Ronnie Teape who plays so naturally I am both mesmorised and paralysed at the same time, resulting in an resolute refusal to play a single note.  In much the same way as my previously gobby mouth snaps shut the very instant someone says “right, any questions” after a corporate presentation, my former fidgety fingers also freeze on the spot the minute Ronnie says “you have a go now”.

And no I am not being falsely modest.  I can more readily accept a wallop around the head with a blunt object than a well meaning compliment, so please do not try to reassure me.

If you have ever had the dream that you are dressed in your underwear in a supermarket and the sudden realisation hits you that you are about to be horribly embarrassed in public, you will have some notion of what’s currently going on inside my head.

Still, at least it is fulfilling its promise of distracting me from the side effects of chemo. 

So if I do manage to hit all the right notes in the right order at the right time in 3 or so weeks, I would get yourself a few of those magical piano lessons from Ronnie ‘cos heaven knows what else I can blame it on.

p.s. I have a bone to pick with the medical profession.  Since when has a week been made up of 6 days?  I was ‘sold’ this chemo lark as a 2 weeks on 1 week off offer!   And by my reckoning that’s 7 days.  So as my 14 days of chemo tablets finally complete this evening, I am going to have to break it to my white blood cells that they only have 6 days leave from fighting on the front to get themselves fit again and ready for battle when I go back in hospital on the 30th November.  I am in marketing and that claim would NEVER have got past our legal department!

5 thoughts on “I am in more trouble than I thought

  1. Brilliant idea thanks for the suggestion! There is very loose regard to time. My so called quick 10 minute portacath operation was an hour and half! I am getting the measure of the medical profession.

  2. I was hoping to see a photo of you and Ronnie playing a duet!!!
    Emily is also learning the piano with Ronnie.
    He seems lovely but she thinks he is “scary” not that he has ever done anything to deserve this label,that’s just Emily for you,she has to know someone for at least 5 years before she is able to say they are “OK”!

  3. Ah dahling! This reminds me of the time I agreed to be in a play at the local theatre (3 evening performances and a matinee)….at the time Geoff was seriously ill in hospital. At the theatre I was consumed with worry about him, at the hospital I was stricken with panic every time I thought of the play…desperately trying to learn my lines in wards, corridors, in the loo etc.
    Ultimately, “Dr Theatre” got me through (a euphemism for adrenalin I think)..that and the realisation that I had got to the stage where I no longer cared what people thought and just wanted to get it over and done with (especially when I nearly went arse over tit as I slipped entering the stage on the second night. Although I remember it vividly I very much doubt anyone in the audience does!))….I was just glad I had risen to the challenge. If you can do this, you can do anything, and probably will!

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