“There are 2 types of people in this world, those who finish what they start, and”

I used to think Monday’s were an awful waste of a seventh of the week and would have been much happier with 2 Thursdays. But I must say I am beginning to change my mind.

Origins at the White Lion, a delicious tapas bar in Great Missenden admittedly help sugar the pill.  I am often to be found there on Mondays with either local friend Jo or non local friend Alison and this Monday it was the turn of Alison, who had arrived full of creative ideas to help Bananagiraffes and galvanise me into action!

Chemo has made me ravenous so if I am not seated and eating by 12, I am in danger of eating my young. Luckily Origins have learnt to collaborate with this indecently early arrival and any shock they feel at being caught in their pyjamas is hurriedly hidden under a welcoming smile.

So the point of all this is to stop me procrastinating and publish a list so far of my challenges.

Monday 28 Nov – Radio Cherwell interview about piano challenge etc

Sat 17 Dec – Piano Christmas songs challenge in Churchill Hospital cafe reception dressed as a banana with a giraffes head whilst the radio station record and broadcast it live.  As if the poor patients aren’t suffering enough already…

Feb sometime – Go Kartathon to raise money for beating bowel cancer.  We will be needing lots of teams to join in so more of this later when I can figure out the logistics

Sometime inbetween these dates, a short story challenge.  Andy Blackford has challenged me to write a short story with him starting us off and then pinging it to me and me pinging it back to him and repeating this process until he realises the futility of this. This is by no means a small challenge as this is the same Andy Blackford who writes for a living and can churn out 5000 words quicker than it takes my dog to fall asleep.  Whilst on the other hand, I haven’t written anything more gripping than Accountancy Software or Insurance brochures.  Neither of these required any plot of character development so it is fair to say I am out of my depth.

p.s. Alison is the former and I am….

4 thoughts on ““There are 2 types of people in this world, those who finish what they start, and”

  1. The lovely Shelley has introduced me to your blog Rach! Fantastic list of challenges – sounds like these will get the creative juices flowing. And anyway, aren’t some of the claims in the marketing brochures bordering on fiction? 😉

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