I am not saying our village is boring but…

Pamela, my dear old 7 seater mercedes was the most popular attraction  in the village for while.  At one stage, I can swear I had nearly all of year 5 in the back of her on one journey home from school.  And most of these in the 2 seats facing backwards.

You know the way the sun can shine with such intensity to make even the most mundane objects glow with such mystical qualities that you can’t take your eyes of them? Well, ‘Pamela’ for about 4 years (whilst the children were at Little Kingshill primary school) had that special light shone on her most of the time.

It may of course have been this, or it may equally have been the fact that nothing else passes for entertainment in our village. A bit like Clement Freud’s impression when asked to comment on New Zealand “I find it hard to say, because when I was there it appeared to be shut”.

But what-ever it was, she was a 1 1/4 ton treasure (and yes my children have asked my Dad to convert this to kilograms which he did in nano seconds) and is sadly off today to be crushed, still thick with childhood memories.

That’s gratitude for you. Thanks Pamela.

p.s you live on in my teenage son’s bedroom (yes that is him barely visible behind the wheel) as he stripped you clean of all your shiny memory things faster than a field of locusts yesterday. In fact I am worried for my Dad who is presently driving her to the crushers with nothing much more than a stick and a ball of string for guidance.


8 thoughts on “I am not saying our village is boring but…

  1. ONE LESS THING TO CLEAN HOORAY !!! There’s a line in a film ‘my car ashtray is full’ to which the response is ‘get a new car’. If you have not had the pleasure of riding in Pamela then you won’t have experienced the post-ride-task of removal of chewing gum/melted wine gum/hair combo/always a hair elastic/usually a glove/plastic forks lurk/as does copper coinage. You will emerge from the depths and back of pamela with a ball of the above attached to your person. Pamela should have carried her own ‘Sticky Stuff Remover’ and a government health warning. Her only saving grace was that as her Mother (Factory?) no longer goes to the office regularly, there weren’t bags and bags (and bags and bags) of sunshine-faded expense receipts stuffed in every spare corner/orafice. No. Those have taken up house in the cupboard over the oven….

  2. Oh Jenny, you have made me laugh so much my lungs hurt! You know me so well. But heh at least the rat poison balancing on the edge of the cupboard in the kitchen ready to empty itself on your canapés has gone!

  3. Poor Pamela!!
    I can’t beleive she is going 2 the scrapyard in the sky!!
    Hollie will be gutted as she too has spent many a time on her upholstery!!
    Did u ever get her wing mirror fixed??
    Loving your Blog Rachel!
    I always get excited when Banana Giraffes comes up in my inbox!
    Thank You!

  4. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

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