Onesies for two!

Never let it be said that we are unprepared for winter here at Bananagiraffes party headquarters. 

Jenny (or Santarina Claus as we are going to call her on account of the fact she never turns up without presents) has brought us these beautiful fashion statements to cosy up in when November finally remembers it is not April and gets all grumpy again.

What I hear you say?  No teenage boy? Surely he would want to dress up in a onesie for a bananagiraffe challenge? Really, how cruel to even suggest such a thing.  Strike it from your mind immediately.

7 thoughts on “Onesies for two!

  1. I just found a shiny silver giraffe key ring in an old fashioned shop in Strand, London (it’s not called ‘The’ Strand for some unknown reason though everyone calls it that). I went to buy it but it was all crooked in the box. Turned out it wasn’t a giraffe after all, but a silly dachsund – the giraffe neck was in fact the dachsund body. Be warned people, there is danger out there.
    Oh, and YES they have onesies in Every Single Size. Even grown men’s ones (as if), in Teddy Bear, Zebra and Lizard. Astonishing.

  2. Jenny, I am lost for words that you can mistake a giraffe for a dachshund. I suspect you may have been the first and last person ever to have done that but thanks for warning the readers! And you can’t say “I am going to Strand”, it sounds like a silly dance or a pose? Maybe that’s the reason ‘they’ decided to put the The in there?
    P.s. Lois and I look forward to cuddling up in our onesies now as soon as it is decent to shed out clothes xx

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