Delicate art of chemo re-entry

Check. Spray can of polystyrene foam to fill all cranial cavities

Check. 2 litres of sand inserted under entire layer of skin

Check. Hormone ‘balance’ adjusted to triplet carrying IVF mother levels

Check. USB port or ‘portocath’ as the docs like to call it, ready with imported ‘run-time’ virus to shut down any mainframe activity before it can be completed

Check. no network connection

Final check. adjust sleep levels to  Margaret Thatcher ‘running a country’ level

Thank you doc, I think that all seems very reasonable.  We are good to go again.

2 thoughts on “Delicate art of chemo re-entry

  1. Life is hard,
    Life is tough,
    You need to be strong,
    And never give up

    There may be days,
    That never seem to end,
    And you feel like you,
    Don’t have a friend,

    But keep on walking
    Down that road,
    Your friends will follow
    And bear your load,

    But face each day,
    And what it brings,
    And you’ll be ready,
    To face any thing.

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