If only your ipad had scratch & sniff technology, you could join me in pleasure now

So here I am on my bonus chemo free day, high on energy after discovering my mind and body has temporarily been given back to me and I am thinking what could be more enjoyable than to go for an aromatically crisp autumn walk?

I was not alone in seizing the day. 

Mmm J'adore

Ever seen a white dog cross the field
trying to make the other side
Ever seen a white dog turning brown
trying to make himself lie down

So what becomes of you my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The pig dung
That your poor old owners had to sweat to bathe you?

Sorry Rod.

4 thoughts on “If only your ipad had scratch & sniff technology, you could join me in pleasure now

  1. What I want to know is: does Cancer improve your hearing by 500% ? Do your ears prick up like a dog’s ?
    I swear I believe this. I saw it with my own eyes in the chemo ward. I swear Rachel could hear a nurse or a doctor talk about her, and what they were saying, at a quarter of a mile distance across forests of other patients swaying in the wind, and hoards of ‘people’ yakking on about nothing in particular – that Rhubarb noise you know if you’ve ever done amateur dramatics. I visibly saw her sit up, thrice, thrice I say, and her ears pricked up like a labrador. I swear she heard what both the nurse (first and third time) and the doctor (second time) were saying about her even though it was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.
    I forgot about that until today.
    Can it be true ? Well it must be true !
    Rachel ?

  2. It’s selective man hearing! I can tune in to a sweet wrapper been torn off at easily a mile’s distance and any whispering from relatives 2 towns away. But I can’t hear my son or daughter shouting instructions in the same room…

    My sense of smell has also improved too and you know how rubbish that always was. Not always pleasant when you have a dog determined to cover himself in pigs excrement!

    Sense of taste not improved sadly though. xx

    Shame my sense of taste hasn’t changed though!

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