Importance of a positive mind

If I could have a pound for every time someone tells me to stay positive, I would be in Barbados right now.   If of course, I could get my colostomy bag past customs and excise!

Never have I needed more reminding of this simple but true saying.  And boy how you have risen to fill that gap people!

Hospital this morning as side effects getting worse (night sweats, achey bones and skin, tingling fingers, sickness and diarrhea and total wipeout exhaustion that doesnt let you sleep) to be told to lay of the chemo sweeties for a couple of days in the hope my body will adjust and be able to tolerate them better on re-entry.  In the meantime rest and go to the mind gym to get the chemo depression under control!

Anyway, my friend Alison (she of the original blog idea) has decided I need to keep my focus and contacted Radio Cherwell to arrange a radio interview for 28th November as a precursor to the playing christmas songs dressed as a giraffe challenge in the Churchill Hospital.  So no getting out of this one now! 

Meanwhile, I am adjusting my expectations and learning to grab the half an hour in the day when I feel capable and hope that it encourages other half and hours to come and join it in due course.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to train an errant mind, no reasonable offers refused!

2 thoughts on “Importance of a positive mind

  1. Hi Rachel, it strikes me that the amazing thing about having a major illness is that you start to inspire others just by being yourself. By getting through difficult treatments and getting on with your day, you make us all feel that we can do more and be more positive ourselves. How many people can say that they are inspiring just by being themselves? Of course, I would say that you have always been inspiring as a creative and energetic and kind person. But now you are inspiring us all to try to be better people. So I hope you can think of that in today’s good half hour or maybe in one of the bad ones. You have already inspired me today with your blog. xCathy

  2. Hi Rachel, It’s Mindi. Hope you don’t mind me leaving you a message. Having been in the place where finding thoughts to get you through is a tough call I found that writing and reading lots helped me. There is some stuff that you may not wish to put onto a blog , stuff that is private to you. I think it is important to write this down, it serves as a track record of what you have covered, dealt with and moved on from. It is also really easy for everyone to tell you that they know how you feel, even if you have had Cancer it does not mean that you are feeling it and experiencing it in the same way, with even the same side effects. I also had a truly lovely nursing team who despite dealing with my quirks (new nurses did not take my blood or deal with IV’s …enough said) were also very inspiring and took to telling me about all of the ground breaking research out there. They passed on one story about a study that they had read about, it involved a group of children with Cancer, they were trying to see how much thought affected the treatment/illness etc. They told half of the children that they were at war, the cancer was an alien and their bodies were guns. They told the children to think of killing the enemy at all costs. The other group carried on as normal. The results were marked in that the group who woke up every day deciding to fight it recovered quicker. Positive thought is one thing, all out war is something else 🙂 I went with the war option, and dealt with all of my anger at the situation, how unfair I felt it was etc in this way. I wrote tons of things, days when I was low, days when I was good. How I felt the war was progressing :).

    I felt better for being able to channel these feelings somewhere. I didn’t sleep well at all at night, night it is fair to say was not my friend. I slept in bits in the day and sat up attached to my laptop and my dog at night writing furiously away (if I had the energy). When I could not read books, I got those read aloud books so I could listen to them. Thankfully a lot of people won’t ever have to deal with the day that they have Cancer , I wish it were true for more people. Keep your head up and keep smiling. Mx

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