Sorry I have been quiet

I realise now that the operations were somehow easier to deal with. Ok, much less easier on the mind, but somehow there was a beginning and end to it. I will feel crap for 4-6 weeks but in reducing levels. In contrast Chemo plays with you in crueller ways. There is no way of predicting how you will feel and no rhythm to it. For example I felt relieved on Wednesday and Thursday but dreadful Friday and today. The tiredness is nothing like I can describe, not a very useful sleepy tiredness, but a leg and arm twitching can’t concentrate tiredness. And all I want to eat is sharp salty flavours to spike the sickness. Sorry to moan. Normal service will resume next week I am sure.

The good news is my boy is back from the war and off with his big brother playing bowling tonight and my daughter is at the X Factor rehearsals so I have some wonderful support. Thanks to everyone for all their kindness and support, I really couldn’t do this without you all. xx


2 thoughts on “Sorry I have been quiet

  1. Sorry to moan?? Sorry to moan?????? What are you like?!! Think you deserve a good moan with what you’ve been through recently!!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day xxxx

  2. Poor Rachel it sounds bloody awful. I wish we could all take a bit of the pain and tiredness away and give you some relief, sort of share it out a bit. We are all with you in spirit my lovely and all keeping everything crossed that it settles down bit by bit. And that Sam and the oncologist can offer some kind of explanation or soothing reassurance.
    I can’t imagine you’ll want to put your body in the pink cow Onsie that I am bringing up Saturday, even if it does match the pink sheep Onsie for Lo Lo…

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