Nightime reflections on happiness! What’s yours?

Whilst waiting for the steroids to die down, I have been able to reflect on my happiness list!

    1. Kindness of strangers
    2. House full of family and friends
    3. Spontaneous cuddle from teenage son
    4. Cuddle under quilt watching corrie with daugher
    5. Sunday evenings when not going to work on Monday
    6. Glass of wine on an empty stomach at lunchtime!
    7. Beautiful wispy cirrus clouds and floaty cotton wool cumulonimbus clouds

      Sign of good weather

    8. Listening to Chris Evans, Danny Baker and Evan Davies on the radio (not all at the same time)
    9. Watching small children and dogs being silly in water
    10. Cuddling horses, especiallly smelling and kissing their muzzle

      smell so nice!

    11. Driving through country lanes in listening to “On days like this” from Matt Munro (obviously without the crash at the end!)
    12. Book, magnesium bath, soft skin, clean sheets and sleep
    13. Handwritten post
    14. Paris, especially popping into Musee D’Orsay
    15. Talking dog videos on YouTube
    16. Seeing my children happy – most important one

Any other suggestions? xx

9 thoughts on “Nightime reflections on happiness! What’s yours?

  1. Big fat roast dinners and log fires!
    Driving fast with roof down to Dire Straits.
    People saying ‘I love you’ and meaning it.
    Kicking autumn leaves and looking at all the pretty colours of autumn.
    Fresh Crab.

  2. By the beach around sunset when my baby Albert smiles at me with the smell of dinner in the oven with the log fire and candles going. I have some nice red wine and cheese, and enjoy Stoneking on the music box when my Pete walks in the door and we chat and eat then its bath and reading and a special thank you kiss…

    • Hi Rachel, one of the things that makes me really smile (so a slight deviation from your subject).. is hearing my youngest Ella, who is 2, being clever but a bit naughty (I just don’t get the same feeling when my 7 or nine year old do it though, strangelyl). Here’s an example: Ella kept calling her 7 year old sister, Jemma, a bidi ot – this is exactly how she said it. Jemma came to complain to me and I said “well it doesn’t mean anything so just ignore her”. After most of the day had passed Jemma came to complain once again so I called Ella and asked her why she kept calling her sister a “bidi ot”. After a long pause she said…….. Well you said Im not allowed to call her an idiot!!! :o) Thinking of you, Liz Telles

  3. . Standing back and being able to see how much love is around you
    . Following Julius’s directions and then understanding how we made it into complete alien and unknown territory (then being unable to speak to him as he was crying with laughter along with the words ‘I am ten how do you expect me to have any idea of where we are going?’)
    . Sunday morning lie in
    . BROWNIES! (here is to only half the mix actually making it into a brownie!)
    . Hugs when you least expect them
    . Standing on mums flat roof with two coconut shells and bells, banging them together and ringing the bells outside the kids bedroom window to convince them it is Santa, then nearly falling off the roof
    . White sandy beaches and glorious sunshine
    . Spending time with the most gorgeous children that make my world spin. My gorgeous nieces Maddie, and Amelie, my gorgeous nephew Jules and my adopted two Amelia and Miranda.
    . Waking up finding Rosie the cat snuggled in for a cuddle
    . Camden Market madness
    . Mulled Wine drank in the company of people you love
    . Sat on the beach in Ibiza , watching the sun go down over the water
    . Shopping with mum
    . The realisation that the reason Miranda was calling a cyclist who darted infront of the car an idiot was imitation…
    . Many happy hours sat in the car with my nan when I was little playing ‘shooting the moon’
    . Going out with Darian for the evening and feeling like the only girl in the room ๐Ÿ™‚

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