Blasted op, this was supposed to be a good day!

The beautiful bride and groom 

No that’s not Joseph in the middle…still no sign of a teenage boy 

Been looking forward to my friend and colleagues indian wedding for weeks now and was thrilled when I realised it fell before chemo or BC as I am calling it. Hadn’t bargained on my body going “give me break guv” after what was supposed to be a quick minor op on Friday, and body sulking all day. Consequently feel bruised, tired and grumpy. And now slightly panicky that I wont feel better before D Day. Although my mum reminded me I always feel worse on day 3 after ops. See everything passes! Feel better already.

Anyway the wedding was fascinating. The bride, Dash and her sister (my lovely Sona) looked absolutely exotic. But even with a handy booklet to explain the ceremony I can’t pretend to have understood everything that was going on. But one thing was extra odd, do people always walk around and talk at Indian weddings when the ceremony is going on? I presume this is normal as no one got up and shouted! Seems a wonderful excuse for a get together for the whole community as everyone seemed very happy having a good old catch up.
And it was lovely to see my team again. And how they have grown, 2 of them are now heavily pregnant!

One challenge I do need to get to grips with is finding a way to include Joseph (teenage son) in all this otherwise its going to turn into a “where’s wally” type of blog!

6 thoughts on “Blasted op, this was supposed to be a good day!

  1. Thanks Becka! And a huge thanks to Lauren who sent me a lovely message to cheer me up and make me feel very proud to have her as a friend… to me and my children. xxxx

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