I am dog tired!

Feeling a bit tired today courtesy of my tibetan terrier, Luca so I am off to bed early.

How do you tell a dog off who has taken it upon himself to be the house alarm clock?  My daughter Lois is usually up before 7 to catch her school bus at 7.30.  So imagine Luca’s dilemma when the house was still asleep at 7.30am this Saturday morning.  Determined to come to the rescue, he leapt off my bed and shot into Lois’s room and resting both his front legs on her pillow, howled into her ear.  When she didn’t immediately respond, he jumped onto her bed and swiped her with his paws (or pandys as we call them). 

By which time we were all awake including my teenage son.  And of course in true dog style he went straight back to sleep. 

No shame!

4 thoughts on “I am dog tired!

  1. hahahaha love it! Maisie sends kisses, well I think that’s what she woofed from behind the settee, where she is hiding from the fireworks! Good night, sleep tight! xx

    • Oh bless her. Give her some rescue remedy! Luckily Luca is used to thinking he is being shot what with a houseload of teenage boys obsessed with BB guns!

      • lol poor Luca! I can’t find my remedy, Annabel has some but by the time it took me to search her room it would be Christmas Eve! Thought about putting some wine on my finger and making her lick it but….!

  2. Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear! Disdusting is all I can say! I try my best to keep this house hold running smoothly. Nobody seems to take any notice. All they say is ‘good boy Luca’ or ‘who’s a good boy’ in a silly voice. I try my best – I make them laugh – I have a dust up with the boy, if he wants one – I give the pink one a kiss if required – I take the old man out for a walk every morning – and give Rachel (factory) a cuddle every night. How was I to know it was a saturday, after all I am only a dog, albeit a very attractive one. Anyway Rachel(factory) ,I will now be keeping a very close eye on your blog and better not hear anything of a bad nature about the Luca any more! Woof, Woof. xxx

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