Should giraffes play the piano?

Everytime a surgeon goes through the consent form and reads the list of things that could go wrong, I have an irrepressible urge to laugh.  Today was no different as my surgeon told me laconically that he could puncture my lungs when putting in the porto cath (or USB port as my brother calls it) but if this happened he would just simply stick a tube in and blow them up again! 

To take my mind of this possibility and the rummaging around he was doing in my chest, he told me to think of something nice for the next hour. So this is the result of my drugged mind.


I am going to challenge myself to find and learn a christmassy piece of piano music and play this in the cafe of the Churchill hospital next month, wearing of course a giraffe costume or perhaps a banana one.  Firstly I have a phobia of playing the piano in front of anyone. Secondly I will no doubt have numb fingers or peripheral neuropathy as it is called from the side effects of chemo.  And thirdly I have no idea where I will find a suitable costume. 

Any suggestions?  on what to play, wear of how to deal with the nerves?

10 thoughts on “Should giraffes play the piano?

    • Oh wow he is good! Please dont get your hopes up. Grade 5, aged 16. And very little since. Joseph is better than me now, maybe I could convince him to take my place if I can get him in a full giraffe costume.

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